A Word About Ratings

I first discovered I enjoyed reading about the time I entered college (I’ve been trying to make up for that ever since). It was drilled into me at the time, that a good writer didn’t necessarily write a story I liked, but a good writer would make me feel something strongly. My book ratings seem to go along with this. I give a book a 5 star rating when something about that books still speaks to me months later. I rarely rate a book right after reading it. I like to let it settle. Most books I’ve read, while I enjoyed them at the time, I have trouble remembering what they were about down the road. So, just because I gave a story a 5 star rating, doesn’t necessarily mean I’d recommend it or that I even liked it. For instance, I gave The Scarlett Letter a 5 star rating, and I hate the book. It is upsetting from start to finish! So, if you want to know how I felt about a book I read, or if I would recommend it, please just ask.


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