Midnight Lover by Barbara Bretton

Midnight LoverMidnight Lover by Barbara Bretton
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

First let me say that it wasn’t what I expected. The cover says, “Sworn enemies by day…passionate lovers by night”. I didn’t really get that, but there was definitely a battle going on between love and hate. This book was steamy, but there are no actual sex scenes for those of you that want a romance without them. I gave the rating of 3 stars, because while it was an enjoyable enough read to get lost in, I know that it isn’t one of those stories that’ll just stick with me.


The heroin in the story is twenty-three year old Caroline Bennett. Her father dies in the beginning after losing a game of cards and ultimately his saloon and silver mine to Jesse Reardon, leaving his daughter with nothing except some deeds that may now be useless. Jesse Reardon, is the hero of the story, and he owns practically the whole town of Silver Spur, Nevada. Jade runs the local bawdy house in Silver Spur, which Jesse finds himself in every night, and she has a serious attachment to Jesse with an insane jealous streak. Thomas Addison is the man Aaron Bennett intended for his daughter, Caroline, and she stayed with the Addison’s in Boston, while her father was trying to make a life in Silver Spur. Thomas is in love with Caroline and eventually chases her to Silver Spur where he learns that he is too late, because Caroline and Jesse have secretly wed as part of a business deal. This is a secret because of the Single Men’s Protection League that the men in town formed to keep their town a bachelor pad so to speak. Thomas then slips up and informs Jade of the marriage, who then kills Thomas, and nearly Jesse, too, until Caroline shoots her.

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