Have you read the Ripple Series???

Let me introduce you to Rippler, the first book in the Ripple Series by Cidney Swanson, if you haven’t already read it. The cover is great & that’s what first peaked my interest. Then, I was immediately sucked into the book. It’s not one of those that you have to read even a whole chapter before you want to know more. I REALLY liked this book, and I can’t wait to read the rest of the series! You get a great mix of paranormal/fantasy,YA romance, and a good bit of mystery. I’ll warn you now – *SPOILER ALERT* – I’m gonna spill! That being said, I could tell you the whole story & you’re still going to wonder what’s gonna happen next – LIKE ME!!
The story starts out with 15 yr old Samantha “Sam” Ruiz turning invisible while on a rafting trip with her track team. She’s only done this a few times and in the midst of her team panicking, her friend Will starts telling her to come back quick while everyone else is distracted trying to save her from drowning. What!? Yep, Will knows all about what’s happened to her because his sister has spent a lot of time studying the genetic disorder. So, of course, Sam has to know everything he knows & one of the first horrifying things she learns is that someone is trying to kill everyone with this disorder.
Will invites Sam out for a day of hiking, and obviously discussing the “rippling”, only to have his protective sister, Mick, insist she’s coming along. Sam accidentally ripples, causing Mick to freak out thinking Will spilled his secret to Sam. The big secret? Will ripples, too! Mick wants to run, but Will refuses. He’s intent on sticking around and teaching Sam all he can. Do you see a romance blooming? Well, it continues to grow as Sam is learning about the disorder, how to control it, and what she can do with it. Mick shares correspondence she has from a man in France who may have the answers they need. Is there a connection to insane Nazi experiments they have been reading about? How does Eugenics play a role?
Sam ultimately ends up losing her best friend who thinks bruises Sam has gained along the way came from Will. Caring Will is there to comfort her, though.

“Then like gravity, or maybe like magnets, our lips met again because they had to. And in that touch it felt like I was buried treasure he’d crossed seven seas to claim. I couldn’t feel the edges of my own body anymore; I was melting into his.”

Yeah, so Sam tends to ripple when she’s happy – including this one and only time that they kiss. This seems like it’ll be a problem – one that hasn’t been addressed, yet. But, does Will even want this to happen again??? While wandering around confused about Will, Sam makes a trip to her mother’s graveside & ripples. While invisible, another man walks up that Sam then follows. He stops by the local bakery and questions Sam’s very own best friend, or used to be, Gwyn. Sam continues following this man back to a lab, only to discover some very shocking things – 1)These people killed her mother & another little girl -thinking it was Sam. 2)They now know Sam is alive. 3)This brother/sister team she has come across have the same names as two very wicked children she’s been reading about in Nazi experiments.
Sam rushes back and risks Mick & Will fleeing the area by spilling everything she’s learned. After a near death experience, Mick informs Sam, though, that they are now family and she won’t leave her. Their next step – a trip to France…

Let me add this extra thought here – I’m glad that Will seems to be a good guy. He actually seems to have a conscious and wants to do the right thing. So many male characters in YA novels seem to lack this quality.
Have you read this first installment or the whole series? Let me know what you think!

Oh & don’t let me forget! You can get Rippler FREE on Amazon right now! http://www.amazon.com/Rippler-The-Ripple-Trilogy-ebook/dp/B0052ZLUQQ/


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