Arelia LaRue Series by Kira Saito

Have you read Kira Saito’s Arelia LaRue Series? Well, after reading Bound, I convinced my sister to give it a try. She’s not the avid reader I am, and I thought it was something that would appeal to her – especially since she lived in New Orleans for a time, which is where the book is set. Turns out I was right. She loved Bound and now we’re reading Punished together. Here’s a brief peak into Bound…

Arelia LaRue is a sixteen year old girl who lives with her Grand-mere Bea. They struggle to make ends meet, so Arelia has agreed to take a summer job at the Darkwwod Plantation with her best friend Sabrina. Grand-mere Bea is not happy about this arrangement. She tried to stress to Arelia that the place is cursed.
Arelia and Sabrina move into the infamous Darkwood Plantation, and Arelia discovers that her Aunt Mae lives and works there -the Aunt Mae that Grand-mere Bea vanished from their lives after discovering that Mae asked the spirit Erzulie to bless Arelia. Mae wants Arelia to embrace the powers she’s been given and believes that Arelia has a purpose to serve. Does this purpose have something to do with one mysterious Lucus LaPlante?
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2 thoughts on “Arelia LaRue Series by Kira Saito

  1. One of the greatest books ever, next to Twilight of course, lol. Thanks for getting me so interested in it sis.

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