Discussing Punished – Ch. 4-6

If you’re new here – WELCOME! I have to warn you, though, that we’re discussing this book in depth, so you’ll want to stop here if you don’t want to know all the juicy details yet.

Alrighty….Ch. 4 Sousson Pannan

Arelia and Lucus make it to the gate, but Arelia has a visitor.

“Arelia,” the voice hummed. “I can free your lover from Darkwood.”

The first thing I would have thought here was, “REALLY?!” But, no, she’s freaked about the word “lover”. The spirit goes on to taunt her about how she doesn’t want to free Lucus, because then he’ll want nothing more to do with her. She’s not good enough. Blah! Blah! Blah! Lucus asks if it’s a spirit & she notifies him that it’s an annoying spirit.

“Are you calling Papa Legba annoying?”

So, Papa Legba is supposed to be this extrememly powerful spirit of crossroads and controls the gateway between the living and dead. Now she’s definitely tempted.

I had always assumed Lady Gaga had offered her soul to Legba…

Yeah, that cracked me up! Then this supposed Legba says he’ll help but for a price. Lucus is so not okay with this. He pleads with Arelia, but she’ll have none of it. She invites the spirit to help and immediately recognizes her mistake. This is no Legba! Lucus tries to grab Arelia to free her from this spirits clutches, but he’s slung back against a tree. Turns out this spirit is Sousson Pannan. Arelia wracked her brain for a moment and then recalled that Sousson had sucked a neighbor dry of his blood last year. Sousson Pannan started clawing at Arelia, but…

“Take mine, you can have all the blood you want,”…

Yep! Lucus to the rescue. He yells at Arelia to run, and she calls Erzulie for help. Erzulie explains that she’s going to have to get a black candle and seven bottles of rum, so Arelia takes off towards the house.

Ch. 5 Ivan, I Promise I Will Try to Understand

Arelia quickly finds the black candle, but where is the rum?

“Queen, what a lovely surprise,”…

Ivan – and he’s only wearing boxer briefs! Arelia asks him where to find the rum, but he’s not helping. She knows he knows where it is. He drags her along for a while, and she’s panicking.

“Promise me that you’ll understand.”

What is he talking about??? Arelia doesn’t have a clue either, but she promises. She has to get to that rum and quick! What’ll happen if Sousson sucks Lucus dry? Ivan takes her to where the rum is locked up. He has the key, but he makes her promise again before he opens it up. Arelia grabs the bottles and heads back out.
So what is the promise all about???

Ch. 6 Seven Stabs of the Dagger

Arelia starts to trot towards Lucus, trips, but Ivan catches her and grabs some of the bottles.

“You’re awfully uptight, queen. Did you have a lover’s quarrel with Prince Charming?”

You gotta love Ivan! Arelia was so tempted to just pass Ivan off to Sousson Pannan. Turns out that Sousson isn’t even interested in the rum, so Arelia calls Erzulie back. Arelia has to chant & has Ivan open the bottles of rum.

Seven stabs of the knife, seven stabs of the dagger,
Lend me the basin so I can vomit my blood,
Seven stabs of the knife, seven stabs of the dagger,
Lend me the basin so I can vomit my blood,
My blood is pouring down.

Pretty gross! Erzulie stabs her palm seven times, and Arelia has to place her blood in each bottle of rum. Sousson Pannan is now satisfied. But, is Lucus okay???

“Ivan, I promise I'll try to understand if you help me take Lucus inside.”

What is she supposed to be understanding???


2 thoughts on “Discussing Punished – Ch. 4-6

  1. Ok. Pannan is a creeper, he reminds me of a vampire. Lol. And I would hate to be stabbed 7 times in my hand. I’m starting chapter 17 and I still have no clue what she is supposed to understand……

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