Discussing the 1st 3 Chapters of Punished


As I mentioned previously, we’re going to be discussing the first 3 chapters of Punished by Kira Saito in depth. So, if you don’t want all the details, don’t read any further. If you have read the book, then I’d love to hear your thoughts!!
Ch. 1 Major Trust Issues
We start off with Arelia stopping by Lucus’ room to let him know she’s going to be staying on.

Lucus placed his smooth hand over mine and took the crystal glass out of it. He raised his other hand up to my cheek and grazed it softly with his fingertips. His touch sent consuming chills through my body, all the way from my split-ends to my non-pedicured toenails.

HA! How does she continue to deny she has any feelings for him? She tends to freak out everytime things start getting intense with him. She continues to question his motives & has no trust in him. He asks why she can’t trust him, but she refuses to open up about her past. The chapter ends with her agreeing to a walk with him.

Ch. 2 Bade’s Warning
Arelia steps out onto the porch with Lucus and Bade shows up.

“Tonight’s not a good night for a walk,” he advised.

Bade goes on to inform her that one of the spirits lurking about is thirsty, but he refuses to let her know this spirit’s name. Arelia decides to ignore Bade at this point and asks Lucus how this whole thing got started.

“Come with me and I’ll tell you everything.”


Ch. 3 Lucus LaPlante

Somewhere deep inside of me, I wanted to trust Lucus, but I knew that fairytales weren’t real. They were an epic fable created by parents who were too afraid to explain reality to their children. Ivan was right. Prince Charming always ended up with Barbie.

This girl needs some self-confidence!!
So Lucus starts his story in 1830. His father, Jacque LaPlante, was a wealthy merchant that moved from France to New Orleans & met his mother at a ball – proposing the same day. She was already betrothed, but ended her engagement and married Jacque the very next week. Arelia was dumbfounded at this.

“LaPlante men simply know what they want.”

Yeah, double sigh! HINT! HINT, Arelia!! Followed by:

“Forever means nothing without love.”

Yeah, so what guy talks like this??? NONE!! I guess that’s why I love books!
Lucus continues with his story…His parents had it all, except a child, and it took them 5 yrs to conceive. During those five years their marriage was stressed, and it was rumored that Jacque had a few mistresses on the side. But, Lucus came along in 1836.
Wait! What?! Yep, he’s 176 years old!! EW! But apparently still looking mighty good to Arelia.
Lucus then talks about being all those things that Arelia has stereotyped him as: spoiled, ungrateful, entitled. Arelia teases him about his hair.

“The wealthy led lives of incomparable luxury…I felt invincible, wealth and privilege were my greatest weapons. There wasn’t a man in New Orleans who was crazy enough to defy or challenge me…Except for one.”

AH! But Lucus won’t tell who! Ivan maybe? Another woman??? He’s afraid Arelia will think less of him if he tells, because he thinks less of himself. So, now they both have secrets…
Arelia changes the subject and asks why he doesn’t have pics of the family up anywhere. Lucus shares about how obsessed he was. He had been going insane. He had voodoo dolls made of his loved ones that he actually sang lullabies to, and had tried to kill himself twice. Over the deep end?! But all that changed when she came along – or the knowledge of her. Aunt Mae had been confiding in him from the beginning and Mae’s enthusiasm was infectious.

“I confess when I first heard about your powers, I was infatuated with them and what you could do for me. But then you came to Darkwood and ripped through it like a fierce hurricane. You breathed new life into this old place.”

Just what Arelia needed to hear! She was so thinking that he just wanted her for her powers.
Arelia then asks why he hasn’t ever just left the place, and he’s surprised that she doesn’t think he wouldn’t have tried already. She convinces him to try again. He knows he won’t be leaving Darkwood, but follows her anyway.
So what are your thoughts at this point???


6 thoughts on “Discussing the 1st 3 Chapters of Punished

  1. Ok. So I think she needs to get her head out of the clouds and see what’s happening. She needs to understand her powers and her feelings. Granted, its a lot to take in in one summer but still needs to happen. Lucus needs to stop hiding this because Arelia is gonna find out one way or the other. I love the way he goes into detail about his life too.

  2. I’m gonna say its his mom. But it could be anyone because you can always have numerous people that keep you motivated through life. For example, you kept me motivated to stick it out through BMT. And now Koda keeps me motivated to continue my education. Who do you think the woman is, Sis?

    • No, I’m talking about the woman they were both in love with. I’m not sure yet who it was, but I wonder…I’ll wait to comment on that until I get to the chapter that brought the thought up.

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