Ch. 13 – 15 Punished ~ Arelia LaRue Series

Here’s the next 3 chapters!!

Ch. 13 Rage and Gris – Gris

Arelia walks back to the house & Lucus can tell something just isn’t right. She shrugs him off, though, claiming she’s fine. Mrs. Dreaux wastes no time in digging her claws in.

“I see nothing has changed, still unkempt as ever.”

I do NOT see how Areila bites her tongue so easily! Lucus politely stands up for her, but then excuses himself. Mrs. Dreaux then starts in on Sabrina. She is obviously one of those people that has to cut others down to pick herself up.
After the fiasco with Mrs. Dreaux, Arelia talks to her Aunt Mae about what took place in the cabin.

“…I can sense that he’s an angry soul and tends to act violently at times. Those rats were a manifestion of his rage…Louis was able to successfully enter your conscious and make you feel his fear and helplessness.”

Mae then advises Arelia to protect herself by making a gris-gris she’s to wear at all times & to place red brick dust around her room.

Ch. 14 I Wanna Marry a Billionaire So Frickin’ Bad

Arelia takes another spiritual bath & then walks in on Sabrina arguing with her parents on the phone. Henri interrupts with a gift box. There’s a new credit card and 2 new dresses that are meant to be an apology to Sabrina. Her parents have been nonexistent in her life since her sister died. Sabrina tosses Arelia one of the dresses & decides they’re gonna dress up for the night. Sabrina fixes Arelia up & Arelia heads downstairs while Sabrina finishes up.
Sabrina definitely gets on my nerves, but you can’t help feeling bad for her…

Ch. 15 Somebody That I Used to Know

Arelia ends up slamming right into Tony on her way down – the one person she wanted to avoid. He ends up apologizing & all the while I’m thinking, “It’s a little too late!!!” Tony had let his parents verbally rip Arelia to shreds and then went and hooked up with another chick.
Arelia makes her way to the ballroom. Sabrina starts dancing with the plump and drunk Mr. Dumpty while his wife is occupying Lucus. Mrs. Dreaux picks this moment to sink her teeth into Arelia again. Tony actually steps in and tells his mother that she’s said enough. Big step for Tony, but I’m still not feeling it. Arelia decides to head outside for some fresh air while barely restraining her tears. She calls out to Bade just to have someone to talk to.

“I’m crying because I loved Tony, but he never loved me. He never stood up for me. His stupid parents don’t think I’m good enough for him just because I’m not rich or whatever.”

Tony picks this time to walk up. Tony lays it on thick. He tries to wipe her tears, tells her he misses her, that he did care for her, and that he was just afraid. Arelia tries to walk off, but he pulls her back close.

“I miss you, the way you smell, your smile, the way you always put me in my place. I miss us. I’m an idiot for letting you go. Melissa was so dull, and the whole time I was with her, I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I shouldn’t have kept you a secret. I was terrified of my parents, but I’m learning how not to be. I promise I won’t let them get in the way of us ever again,”…”I never stopped loving you. I love you, Arelia.”

Arelia couldn’t help give in to the kiss that followed. Goodness, I imagine that would be tough to fight. She did, though. She managed to pull back away and tell him that “nothing’s changed”. YOU GO GIRL!!!


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