Ch. 7-9 PUNISHED ~ Arelia LaRue

Moving along in our discussion…pick up where you want to. Feel free to comment on the older posts if you’ve just started reading. I always love discussing a book!

Ch. 7 Cinnamon and Cayenne Pepper

Ivan helps to get Lucus settled in his bed & Arelia is freaking out a little because he’s unresponsive. She was also shocked that Lucus didn’t seem surprised by anything he’d seen. She tries to get Ivan to go after Mae, but he won’t budge. Mae arrives anyway. She sends Ivan off to get dressed – typical. Arelia brought Mae up to speed & confessed she wasn’t going to run anymore; she wanted to help. Mae rushes off to get supplies, and Arelia apologies to the still unconscious Lucus. Mae comes back with the supplies – among these are cinnamon and cayenne pepper – to do a healing ritual & gives Arelia a lesson in calling on other spirits.
Mae finishes with Lucus and then takes Arelia to the bathroom to take a “spiritual bath”. It looked like blood. YICK!! Arelia hesitantly climbed in only to have Mae shove her head under water. For a few frantic seconds she swore her Aunt Mae was trying to drown her.

“If my interpretation of your swamp dream was correct, Louis Beau is still lingering around this plane.”

Arelia and Mae discuss all the possibilities and what they already know. Then Mae confesses to Arelia that Erzulie had appeared in a dream to notify Mae that Arelia was needed. Erzulie herself had given Mae the thought to ask for Erzulie’s blessing.
Arelia finishes her bath and goes back to check on Lucus. She found herself humming Dream a Little Dream to him and noticed a smile creeping on to his face. She, of course, freaked and fled the room.

Ch. 8 Red Chrysanthemums

Arelia awakes the next morning, and her first thoughts are of Lucus. I would have had to run to his room to check on him, but she doesn’t. She then notices that she’s pain free and her dagger wounds have healed. Sabrina’s lying next to her mumbling about Lucus in her dream. Arelia’s still too big of a coward to say how she feels. This really irks me! Then she goes on to question how she actually feels about Lucus. Seriously??
She scribbles a note to Sabrina that she’ll be staying and heads off to the kitchen, where she runs into Henri. She chats briefly with him about the loa, and he tries to encourage her.

“I suppose what I’m trying to say is , that the people who truly love you will always accept you.”

Arelia thinks about Sabrina, questioning what Henri has said – no wonder, she is interested in the guy her supposed best friend has staked a claim on. Arelia heads out to the garden. Guess who’s there…Ivan. Surprise. Surprise. This is where the red chrysanthemums come into play. Ivan asks if she knows what they stand for. Arelia says, “Death.”

“They’re Papa Ghede’s pom-poms, when he cheers on souls to the afterlife.”

Why doesn’t Arelia question this? This seems like a lot of knowledge for a common guy to have about the spirits! She does, however, question him about his lack of a reaction to the craziness the night before. He claims he thought it was the vodka. Yeah, right! Ivan reminds Arelia of the promise and takes off.

Ch. 9 Les Mysteries or the Loa…

Arelia spends some time studying the spell book to learn about the different loa. She doesn’t want to end up in the same predicament as last night again. She notes how they appear much the same as humans. Mae comes out to join her and lets her know that Lucus is okay. I still can’t believe she didn’t go check for herself!! Arelia starts questioning Mae about the spirits.

“How many times do I need to tell you that there isn’t a distinct good or evil in voodoo?”

Seriously?? If you say so!

If evil didn’t exist, how could I explain Ivan?

Arelia does crack me up sometimes! Mae shares a few tricks about how to distinguish between some of the loa. Then explains how some of Arelia’s qualities come from Erzulie: kind, loving, and with a bitter temper to balance it out. Then Sabrina comes out.
Sabrina starts on about having the worst nightmare ever – her way of coping when she doesn’t like reality. Arelia feels the need to clue her in to the fact the Sabrina did indeed sleep with Ivan. Here’s where I wouldn’t feel bad about liking Lucus anymore and would have had to speak up! Sabrina even has the nerve to fuss at Arelia for not stopping the whole fiasco!

Is Arelia getting on your nerves at this point?


2 thoughts on “Ch. 7-9 PUNISHED ~ Arelia LaRue

  1. The bath is totally grossing me out. I’m sorry but how is a ‘red brick dust’ bath supposed to get you clean. Nasty!!!!! And I don’t think I’ll ever understand Ivan.

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