Continuing Punished Ch. 10-12

We’ll be picking up at chapter 10. For those just joining in we’re discussing Kira Saito’s Punished and not leaving out any details. I don’t want to ruin it for ya if you haven’t read it yet! Go read it & let me know what you think! Don’t forget to start with Bound, though, the first book in the Arelia LaRue series.

Ch. 10 New Guests Arrive at Darkwood

Who are these new guests? None other than the boy Arelia has been upset over from the previous summer, Tony, and his obnoxious parents – The Dreaux’s.
Arelia does the only thing she usually does – run. She runs all the way to the river where she encounters another spirit. It’s Ayida Wedo, giver of blessings, and she wants to help. She informs Arelia that she needs to go to Louis’ slave cabin.

Ch. 11 Louis Beau

Arelia makes her way to the cabin and discovers a rat pass over her left leg, and soon she’s completely consumed by them. Arelia begs Erzulie for help, but it doesn’t come. Then she has a vision of a boy with caramel skin that looks vaguely familiar, and he was scribbling in a journal. Then the rats are gone, and Arelia knows she’s supposed to find that journal. She does and page after page is filled with his love for a girl that made him forget all his suffering.

What got me through each and every one of those lashes was the thought of your smile and your sweet embrace.

Arelia was enraptured with the story. She read and read wondering who this girl was until she eventually fell asleep.

Ch. 12 Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned, I Think…

Arelia is awakened by Lucus, and she’s immediately thrilled that he’s absolutely fine. No ill effects are left from his run in with Sousson Pannan. Lucus decides to tell Arelia about the one man that had challenged him – Lucus. The year was 1853 and Lucus had yellow fever. He was on his deathbed, and his mother had a priest read him his last rights. He was at peace, but his father wasn’t. He turned to Marie, Louis’ mom, for help. Instead of Marie showing up, Louis had. Louis had gotten on top of him and dealt blow after blow until the sheets were bloodied. Then he said he awoke the following day to discover that Louis was dead and he was healed. He didn’t realize anything else was amiss until he later broke his neck. He wasn’t supposed to ever walk again, but he healed. Then he began to notice that he wasn’t aging.

After your great great-great grand-mere was hired, it was confirmed. I was cursed, and my fate was forever tied to Louis Beau. I deserved to die several deaths. I was supposed to die.”

Arelia and Lucus continued to talk through everything. Arelia tries to help Lucus absolve himself of his guilt. He believes he’s paying for his sins. Arelia then wonders aloud what they were missing. Why would Louis attack Lucus?
[I’m obviously saying, “BECAUSE OF THE GIRL!!”]
Arelia shares with Lucus the dream she had had a few days ago and about how her & Mae believed Louis to be alive. [It has to be Ivan!!!] They talk some more and have a heart to heart moment, when guess who barges in. Sabrina!! UGH!!! Doesn’t that just irk you every time!!


2 thoughts on “Continuing Punished Ch. 10-12

  1. I’m gonna say Arelia is a chicken. Why run. She should’ve confronted them at that time. I’m gonna say I’m very happy she was given a hint has to where to look for clues. But who is the woman in the journal?

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