Undeniable Rogue – a Review

Annette Blair’s Undeniable Rogue is the first in the Rogue’s Club Series. Preparing to go into the battle of Waterloo, a group of rogue men make promises to one another to take care of the families of those lost in battle. One such promise was made between Hawksworth and Gideon St. Goddard. Gideon promised Hawksworth on the battlefield that he would marry Hawksworth’s widowed sister, as Hawksworth lay dying in Gideon’s arms. Sabrina Whitcomb isn’t exactly what Gideon was expecting, though, from this marriage of convenience. To say the least, he is pleasantly surprised. Sabrina, though, is just looking to marry someone with money, so she can make sure her and her children will be provided for. She’s not looking for love. She’s been living a life of cruelty and poverty up to this point. Gideon finds himself wishing that Sabrina would want him even if he was broke. He has no idea what torture she’s experience. Can he make her love him? Can he win the trust of her and her children?

Annette Blair made her first sale as an author in 1998. She has since made the New York Times Bestsellers List with her 5th Vintage Magic Mystery.

My Thoughts…
I read a lot of reviews about this book. Some loved it, but there were others that had a hard time believing this “heartless” rogue could fall so easily for Sabrina. I, however, believe the tougher they are, the harder they fall. I have a close friend this happened to, so I’ve seen it first hand. I liked that it wasn’t the traditional romance about two people who ultimately end up together at the end. Sabrina and Gideon start out together. It was definitely an enjoyable read to me. That being said, it’s not one that I would describe as unforgettable.


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