Discussing Punished, Book 2 of the Arelia LaRue series Ch. 16

Welcome back to our discussion of Punished, the second book in Kira Saito’s Arelia LaRue series. If you’re just joining us, feel free to start with ch. 1-3. Comments are welcome on all older posts. I love to talk about books!!

Ch. 16 What Will Happen to Me?

We left the last chapter with Tony kissing Arelia and her storming off. Now she makes her way to the porch and stops when she sees Lucus. Bade whispers to her that Lucus saw everything. Arelia, in typical style, shrugs Bade off as if she doesn’t have anything going on with Lucus.

“You disappeared,”…
“Why, did you miss me?”
“Perhaps, just a little.”

One second she denies having any feelings for him, and the next she’s totally flirting!

Lucus then produces a necklace for Arelia. It’s silver with a dagger charm that has a small ruby in the center. Lucus shares the story of how Arelia’s great great-great grand-mere gave it to his mom when she was struggling with Lucus’ “condition”. The necklace is a representation of Erzulie’s strength.

“Seven stabs of the dagger,…My blood is pouring down.”

Lucus lets Arelia know by reciting the chant, that he had heard her that night. So naturally, Arelia starts fretting about him having heard her singing to him,too. But, this is all quickly interrupted. Tony shows up!

“We just kissed, and now you’re with this guy? I know you felt something, Arelia. You and I aren’t over.”

Oh, that was so low of him. Major turnoff! If she was to hook back up with him, I’d probably stop reading! Well, maybe…

Tony informs Lucus that Arelia will never love him, but this is all broken up by Sabrina’s drunken presence. Apparently she’s been introduced to the Hurricanes. Sabrina tries to drag Lucus off to the ballroom, but he excuses himself, claiming he has business in the kitchen. Sabrina has an outburst over his inattention, wondering aloud why Lucus won’t kiss her. Tony speaks up, suggesting Sabrina ask Arelia about it. Does Arelia take this opportunity to speak up? No! This totally annoys me about her character. It makes her much less appealing.
Arelia tries to distract Sabrina with the mention of food, but Sabrina doesn’t buy it. She questions Arelia about what exactly Tony meant. Does Arelia take this chance? No again.
Arelia decides it’s time to share her and Tony’s past with Sabrina, and she pretty much claims that Tony is jealous. This is so cowardly! Sabrina asks Arelia if she still has feelings for Tony, and then proceeds to ask one last time about whether anything is going on between Arelia and Lucus. What does Arelia say???

“I’m being polite. That’s all,”…

UGH!! I’m really not liking Arelia right now! Is she getting on anyone else’s nerves?

Sabrina is easily fooled, though. She starts whining aloud about who will take care of her if Lucus never falls in love with her. Arelia now decides she’s going to show Sabrina some sympathy. Sabrina’s parents are pretty much non-existent with their never-ending search for Vanessa. Vanessa was Sabrina’s sister. It’s presumed she died in Morocco, but no body has ever been found. Sabrina’s mother has made it her life’s mission to find Vanessa, and at the expense of Sabrina.
Arelia figures it’s best to reassure Sabrina that Lucus will fall in love with her.

I don’t know whether to feel furious or just sorry for them! I’m definitely ready for something else to happen between Arelia and Lucus.

I’m going to stop here today. There was a lot in Ch. 16. Leave me a comment! Let me know what you think!!



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