PUNISHED ~ Discussing ch. 17 – 18

Moving along…

Ch. 17 People Like That Don’t Care About People Like Us

After she left, for some strange reason I felt guilty. I hadn’t really lied to her about Lucus and me, because there wasn’t anything going on…

This is where we pick up in chapter 17. I’m sure it’s no surprise. She should feel guilty!!
Arelia makes her way to the garden and finds Lucus waiting for her there. She tries explaining her earlier ordeal with Tony, but Lucus stops her and pulls her in for a hug. Arelia asks him if he’s ever loved someone that hurt him. He says he has but that it was a long time ago. {I’m still trying to figure out who this is. I like that the whole book isn’t too predictable!} Lucus tells Arelia about how the girl he loved just up and disppeared without any explanation. Lucus asks if Tony had hurt her, and she nods. Arelia tries changing the subject to a lighter topic, while still in Lucus’ embrace, but Ivan interrupts.

“Hey queen, we need you to help out that fat kid…

Arelia reluctantly goes in, and only to find that Ivan has fooled her. He starts drilling her about what she sees in Lucus and pushes her up against a wall. Arelia smacks him. {Go girl!} She’s now trying to figure out what Ivan has against Lucus.

“…People like that don’t care about people like us…”

Arelia lets some of what Ivan says seep in. She starts worrying about whether Lucus is just another Tony. She wonders if that’s what Ivan is warning her about.

Ch. 18 Red Brick dust, Seven-Day Candles and a Kingdom Under the Sea

Arelia sneeks up to her room and follows through with everything Aunt Mae instructed her to do, concerning her protection. Arelia starts to reflect on her life and what she’s becoming when Sabrina bursts into the room. Sabrina starts gushing about being in love. Arelia cringes inside, but doesn’t dare say a word. Sabrina notices the necklace around Arelia’s neck and asks about it. Arelia lies again, saying that Aunt Mae gave it to her. {Will the lies never end?}
Sabrina falls asleep, so Arelia starts reading in Louis’ journal again.

The hunger is constant, but the moment I caught sight of you the agony disappeared. Your lips spoke the words ‘ I love you’,…

I waited for you down by the river, but you never came.

The sight of you made the pain of 50 lashes feel like none. You came back to me today and held me in your arms.

Arelia falls asleep while thinking of the horror that Louis must have lived through.

My sentiments: I’m glad these two chapters weren’t as nauseating as ch. 16. There were still several times that I wanted to choke Arelia and even Lucus, but it wasn’t as bad.


2 thoughts on “PUNISHED ~ Discussing ch. 17 – 18

  1. ok. so I think she was just trying to protect Sabrina especially since Arelia didn’t know what was going on between them herself, even though she needs to hurry and figure it out ASAP. lol
    I have to say that I would be a little weirded out if I was told to do all those things to my room in order to “protect” myself. but I guess if someone insisted then I would have to just live with it.

    • Sometimes I feel like she’s trying to protect Sabrina, but then most of the time I’m thinking that she can’t seriously think this is not gonna backfire. Plus, I’m not one for lying.

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