Discussing Saito’s Punished ~ Ch. 19

Moving along in our discussion of Punished…

Ch. 19 A Day in the Life…

Arelia wakes up next to a screaming Louis. He’s having a nightmare, so Arelia wakes him. She’s in his cabin. She’s not sure if she’s dreaming or not. Arelia feels a strong sense of familiarity with Louis, but she can’t figure out why. The strange thing is Louis isn’t surprised by her presence. He speaks to her as if he knows her.
Louis does question her clothing, though. Arelia is still wearing the green dress that Sabrina had given her. Louis thinks she stole it. He then points to an ugly pile of rags, informing her that they are what she should be wearing. He warns her to change quickly before she gets a lashing. Arelia’s confused. She still thinks she’s dreaming.

“Only an hour till sunrise, no time for games, Arelia. Go on and get dressed now.”…

Louis even knows her name. Kira’s good at keeping you guessing!
Louis starts to leave to retrieve some water, but Arelia stops him with a scream. Another rat. Arelia opens and closes her eyes trying to wake up. It doesn’t work. Louis calms her and leaves to get some water.
Arelia calls out to Erzulie for help, and thankfully she shows. Erzulie doesn’t have good news, though.

“Louis has a piece of your soul. He is making you live in the world in which he wants you to live.”

Erzulie then informs her that Louis is no ghost. He’s real, just like Lucus. Also, Louis happens to be a powerful voodoo king. He is making Arelia live his past for some reason. Arelia’s only hope for escape is to take some cornbread and blue-grey candles to Gran-Ibo to ask for help. She is the spirit of wisdom and patience. Arelia is warned that Gran-Ibo doesn’t tolerate lying of any sort.
Arelia questions Erzulie further and discovers that her present-day body is in a coma. She is comforted by the fact that Louis has no intentions of harming her body. Erzulie leaves, and Arelia reluctantly dons her “potato sack” of a dress. A horn blows and Louis rushes in, warning they can’t be late!!

Ahh, things are just starting to heat up. I’m sooo glad. I was getting sick of the, “blah, blah,…I like Lucus, I don’t like Lucus…” Kira paints such a vivid picture of the world of spirits and voodoo, though, making it impossible to pull away. I always feel like I’m right there in New Orleans on the plantation.


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