Review of Pretty Penny Sets Up Shop

I started reading Beautiful Disaster last night, and if it weren’t for having so much I HAVE to do today, I would have already finished it. I’m LOVIN’ it!! I’ll be out tomorrow, so I’ll probably have a review ready for it either tomorrow night or Friday. In the meantime, I wanted to share my daughter’s absolute FAVORITE book Pretty Penny Sets Up Shop. I actually won this book a couple years ago or so, but it has been my daugther’s favorite “go to” book ever since.


Pretty Penny has lots of big ideas. For instance, she wants to throw a birthday party for her grandmother, Bunny, but there is only one problem—she doesn’t have any money! What’s a creative, industrious girl to do? When Penny notices that Bunny’s attic is cluttered with old things that still have value, Penny has an idea—create a “Small Mall!” Penny will have to clean up and set up shop in the attic to sell the old items to earn the money for Bunny’s surprise celebration. Author/illustrator Devon Kinch has created a charming, stylish character with a signature look, just like such classic children’s book characters as Madeline, Eloise, Pippi Longstocking, and Olivia—Penny is never without her fuschia purse! With Pretty Penny’s help, kids can get money savvy!

My Thoughts
It’s really a win win book with its great message. You can never start too early teaching children about being wise with their money. In writing this review, I was surprised to learn that there are other Pretty Penny books out there. Same illustrations, same theme, different settings. I now know what books to get my daughter for her next birthday! Also, I would recommend the hard cover books versus the e-book version. This is one of those that your little girl will want to be able to turn the pages to. Plus, it’s only a few dollars more.

What are your little ones favorite reads??

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