Review ~ Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1)Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

WOW!! Definite book hangover. I intentionally slowed waaaaayyyy down reading at the end, because I wanted MORE!!! It’s very rare for me to give a 5 star rating right off the bat. The last time would have been for the Hunger Games trilogy. I absolutely can’t wait to start Walking Disaster!! I’m very surprised at some of the reviews I’ve read. You can get right from the blurb that there’s going to be fighting/violence. Hello!! He’s in a Fight Club!! Combine that with Mr. One Night Stand and you’re surprised there’s foul language??? I don’t get it.


Let me make it very clear – Travis is NEVER violent with Abby. There’s one moment that he punches a guy who is holding onto Abby and she goes down, too. In defense of Travis, he’d never have hitten the dude if he realized the guy had a hold on Abby. The only other time I saw a problem was after the Valentine’s dance when he FORCED her to go home with him. Forced as in – picked her up and carried her to the car & refused to let her go. It wasn’t the kind of hold that would have left bruises, but he wasn’t letting her leave. Let me also stress, that if it hadn’t been for Abby giving in to him, then he would have left her to sleep alone in Shep’s room. Travis would have NEVER forced himself on her. Even drunk, Travis NEVER wanted to take advantage of her. He absolutely cherished her & put her on a pedistal.
I really didn’t see as to how he was sooo messed up. He definitely had a temper issue, but other than that, what?? Yeah, he slept around – A LOT – before they got together, but when they hooked up, he couldn’t have been more faithful & devoted to her. I’d take that any day over the slimeball that looks all clean cut & sleeps around on you all the time. I really saw their biggest issue in flirting with “Disaster” as Abby herself. Travis did screw up with the Vegas deal, but it was ovbious that he’d never have agreed if he knew Abby would leave. He honestly just thought she’d get over it. She was so afraid of her past. In the end I think Travis helped her embrace the best of herself.

Again, all I can really say is that I want more!! You knocked this one out of the park Jamie!!

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