Punished ~ Ch. 22 Mait’ Carrefour


PunishedCh. 22 Mait’ Carrefour

Bade urged Arelia on as she second-guessed leaving. Arelia took off running and ran until she was completely out of breath. She stopped behind an oak tree thinking there was no way she’d pull off the escape. Her feet were bleeding and her hand was throbbing excrutiatingly. She sunk to the ground and dropped her head into her hands.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

The slave driver had found her. He picked her up and shook her. She then kicked him so hard in the shin that the man released her. She took off running again. She ran as fast as she could but then tripped over her dress. Blood trickled down her cheek. She had cut her head on a rock. She looked up and into the face of the driver.

“Nowhere to run, slave,”…

Arelia knew she needed help, and she wanted to call on someone as dark as the slave driver. The driver kicked her in the stomach and began dragging her back. Arelia started to panic and couldn’t think who to call on. Then it came to her – Mait’ Carrefour.
The driver stumbled and fell on his face, so Arelia took off again as the spirit called her towards him. She raced towards him, but noticed the driver quickly gaining.
Mait’ Carrefour stood before her tall and handsome, smoking a pipe.

“I want him to feel the same pain he inflicts on others.”

The driver grabbed her, threw her to the ground, and drove his boot into her ribs. Arelia saw a snake, and Mait’ told her to squeeze the snake like she wanted to squeeze the driver. The driver pulled out his whip, so Arelia didn’t hesitate. She squeezed tight!

“Keep on squeezing Arelia, and I’ll keep on whipping,…If you kill that snake in my name, I’ll take him with me.”

Arelia held on until the driver was bloodied and screaming, and then she let go.

“Not strong enough to make the sacrifice?”

“Thank you for your help, Mait’ Carrefour, but I don’t want to be as ugly as him.”

Then Arelia ran!!

We had some adrenalin pumping action taking place with this chapter. It was a nice change to the “do I love him, do I not.” This chapter showed Arelia still has a heart. With as much suffering as the slave driver caused, she still couldn’t bring about his death. Now it’s time for Arelia to start displaying a conscious with the rest of her actions.

What do ya think??


2 thoughts on “Punished ~ Ch. 22 Mait’ Carrefour

    • She definitely showed a lot of maturity in this chapter. I was happy she had to sacrifice a snake rather than cut her hand. That being said, if I was in that position I’d probably rather cut my hand than grab a snake. I hate snakes!!

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