Discussing Punished ~ Ch. 24


Chapter 24. Just 5 more chapters left!

Ch. 24 Gran-Ibo
We finished chapter 23 with Arelia finally leaving Lucus. She then waded through to the swamp in search of Gran-Ibo – the one and only spirit able to help her find her way back.

“Did you bring food for me and my canary?”

Arelia let Gran-Ibo know she brought cornbread and blue-grey candles. Gran-Ibo then invited her in, but Arelia had no clue where “in” was. Turns out “in” was in a tree – Gran-Ibo’s home.

Kira really impresses me with the great descriptions she gives – of both the the spirits and the setting. She’s able to do it well, too, without droning on for a long time as some authors do with their descriptions.

Arelia sat down and ate with Gran-Ibo and her canary Sammie, who had in fact made the gumbo. After dinner, Gran-Ibo asked Arelia why she wanted to go back, and Arelia said because she wasn’t a slave.

“Everyone is a slave to one thing or another. What you experienced was physical slavery. Just because you go back to your own time, it doesn’t mean you still won’t be a prisoner.” – I LOVE this quote!

Gran-Ibo then asked Arelia what she was a slave to, and Arelia admitted to being afraid of not being good enough. Gran-Ibo said she’d only send Arelia back if she promised to set herself free. Gran-Ibo told Arelia she needed to stand up for herself and she needed to go after the one she loved. Gran-Ibo then went on about Louis not really being evil – just sad and angry because of what he’d went through.

“You can’t love one without feeling something for the other.”

Is Gran-Ibo saying this because Louis and Lucus are both trapped, or is something else going on?

Arelia was finding it impossible now to forgive Louis after Gran-Ibo informed Arelia that Louis was the one that called Sousson Pannan. Between that and Louis trying to trap a part of her soul in the past, Arelia was furious. Gran-Ibo patiently described how Louis had been testing her strength, and he knew that Arelia was strong enough to get back to her present-day body. Gran-Ibo explained to Arelia how she needed to find Louis and bind his powers until she could trust him. She was to use Black Arts Oil. She had to carry it with her at all times and then place it on her lips when she came in contact with Louis and kiss him.

Arelia whined about the smell of the oil, and I love how Sammie kept putting Arelia in her place. Finally Gran-Ibo said she could return home.

I can’t wait to see how Arelia is going to behave when she gets back. I really hope she can start standing up for herself – without being a witch about it (no pun intended).

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