Discussing Punished ~ Ch. 25


We’re up to chapter 25! Only 4 more chapters left!!

Ch 25 Re-birth

Arelia could hear someone calling her name. She awoke to Grand-mere Bea, Aunt Mae, Henri, Sabrina, Lucus and Tony. Arelia had been out 3 WHOLE DAYS!! She found herself staring at Lucus wishing he’d remember the kiss somehow. Mae had called Bea, and that’s why she was present. Grand-mere Bea asked for a moment of privacy with Arelia to inform her that they were leaving.

“Grand-mere, I’m tired of running…”

Bea understood why Arelia felt she needed to stay, but Bea still wasn’t happy about it. Arelia told her Grand-mere that it was time to forgive her sister, and then Arelia told Bea all about what had happened during her trip to the past. She didn’t, however, share her kiss with Lucus, but she told Bea how different he had been – how alive.

“…He needs someone like you.”

Arelia was surprised that her Grand-mere approved, but Bea told her how Lucus had been pacing outside her door for the past three days.

“I think I’m falling in love with him, and I don’t know how to tell Sabrina,”…


Grand-mere Bea stressed to Arelia that she really needed to fess up to Sabrina. Then, Sabrina herself interrupts – impatient to talk to Arelia. Sabrina asked what happened, and Arelia told her she was fine and distracted Sabrina – as per usual. Then Arelia let Sabrina gush over Lucus a while. I had hoped Arelia was ready to finally speak up about Lucus!
That night Arelia and Sabrina both fell asleep in Grand-mere Bea’s arms.

So….I’m aggravated that Arelia didn’t go ahead and fess up to Sabrina. BUT, I think she is finally about to. I hope I’m not mistaken. I don’t know how much more of that crap I can take! Oh, and I’m certain she’ll discover that Ivan is Louis. I wonder how Arelia will react to that?

Happy Reading,

2 thoughts on “Discussing Punished ~ Ch. 25

  1. I would freak out if I woke up after “sleeping” for 3 days. She really needs to tell sabrina because it is only going to hurt their friendship in the long run.


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