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Vampire Elite
Paranormal Romance


How can you make a choice between saving your people and destroying the one you love?

A millennia-long war between two immortal races is about to come to an end. Long ago, the Vampire Elite began capturing members of another race of immortal beings, the Amiti, forcing them to become their blood suppliers—bloodstock—and locking them in their underground sells, where they are treated like livestock. Now, the few remaining free Amiti are making a final attempt to strike back. The Queen of the Amiti has been proclaimed a traitor and executed. Her death makes possible the rise of a new Queen, her young daughter Arianna, who becomes the last hope of her dying race. Arianna totally embraces her mission and is ready to fight for her people to the last drop of her blood but encounters an unexpected challenge—the vampire King Tor. The Amiti Queen and King of the Vampires are drawn into a trap of love where each has to make the ultimate choice; to kill their loved one or to let their races die.

Vampire Elite is the epic story of a bitter conflict between two peoples, and the effect of that conflict on everyone living in its grip. The characters are driven to love and betrayal, vengeance and sacrifice in a world without easy black-and-white answers.

Based on an ancient Egyptian legend, packed with action and intrigue, Vampire Elite will pull you into the entrancing world of immortals and open new portals into their hidden universe.


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Meet VE Character: Arianna, Queen of the Amiti and Keeper of the Mystery of Balance

Arianna becomes the Amiti Queen as an infant, following the execution of her mother. Along with the title, she also inherits all of the Queen’s powers, including the role of Keeper of the Mystery of Balance as well as the Gift of Ra, a power bestowed by the Sun God himself to help her protect herself and her people. Sheltered by her father as a child, Arianna finds herself thrust into a world of danger and intrigue when he is murdered and she must confront the fact that her race’s destiny depends on her. Despite how overwhelming it can be, Arianna ultimately embraces her life’s mission: to free her people from their enslavement by the Vampire Elite by any means necessary. But along the way she encounters an unexpected and seemingly unmanageable challenge—the charismatic and powerful vampire King Tor, who takes her on an emotional and sensual journey that makes her question her very destiny. Will the young Queen have the willpower and inner strength to fulfill her purpose and save her people, even if it means destroying the man she loves?

From the authors

It was fascinating to develop Arianna’s character-or rather, to watch her developing and growing on her own. We first meet her in Santa Cruz, the city where her father Marcus, the Keepter of the Mystery of Death, retreated to raise her, hoping to give her a relatively normal childhood and keep her under the radar until her powers manifest and she is ready to take on her role as the Amiti Queen. Arianna grows up among humans, with human dreams-of enjoying close friendships; getting an education and becoming a medical doctor; falling in love and later raising a family-and she longs for the freedom to pursue them. But the circumstances of her birth mean that her life’s purpose has been predetermined. She has been entrusted by her people with incredible power and incredible responsibility, and refusing that is not an option. Part of her rebels against that destiny, and she doesn’t fully reconcile herself to the need to put her personal aspirations aside and truly focus on her mission until after she personally experiences the misfortunes her people suffer. And yet she still carries within her a spark of hope that can’t be extinguished. What if she can do the impossible: find personal happiness and set her people free? Arianna’s struggles make her more believable and compelling. It’s easier for readers to relate to her knowing that, just as it is with humans, no immortal is perfect.

My Review

For all you sparkling vampire haters out there, this book is for you. Let me note here that I personally love sparkling vampires, but I understand they aren’t for everyone. I have read a lot of vampire lovers’ comments about the hard-core dark vampires becoming extinct in modern-day novels. Well, this book is for those who like the dark side of immortals. This book has all sorts of evil, gore, explicit languange and sex. If violence turns you off, this isn’t the book for you.

In this novel, it is the Egyptian gods and goddesses who rule, and who have created the immortals. Vampires fight against the Amiti, who were created as a counterpart to the vampires. The Amiti were meant to bring out the love buried deep within the vampires, but instead the vampires have brought out the worst in the Amiti.

I must admit that I was very intrigued just after reading the glossary. The whole world that Irina Argos created is very intricately laid out. You get a very basic knowledge after reading the glossary, but as you read the book you are able to firmly wrap your mind around how things work in this world.

There are several key characters, not just the two or three that are typical in novels. The novel focuses on different characters as the plot is revealed. And, let me say that this is one very finely woven plot. At the end of the book you are still left with more questions than answers.

Throughout the story I felt so many emotions. There are some very graphic scenes that will leave you sick to your stomach, and then the next scene will have you all pumped up. Then there are some seriously heart-wrenching scenes. Love always seems to be just out of reach for these immortals, who are bent on reducing other races to being their pets.

It’s really hard for me to judge if I’m going to like this series or not at this point. I’m really going to have to see how this whole world of blood-bonds comes together. Plus, I’m incredibly anxious to see if something will ever come of two particular characters, Simone, the vampire princess, and Antar, winged demon and leader of the Legacy. That all comes with my preferring good over evil, love over hate. That being said, I am profoundly impressed with the writing. After the big cliffhanger, I’m definitely looking forward to reading the next in the series. At this point, I’m going to have to give it 4 stars!!

About the Authors


Irina Argo is a combined pen name for two authors, Irina Kardos and Jo-An Torres.


Irina’s world is dark. She works as a clinical psychologist in a Juvenile Correctional Facility dealing with the extremes of human behavior on a regular basis and takes care of her paralyzed husband who suffered a stroke several years ago. To bring light into her life she writes. Writing has always been her passion. She is originally from Russia where she was employed as a TV journalist.


Jo-An is a Leo, a lioness who has emerged to follow her dream, to someday write a book of her own. She owned a costume shop for 15 years and was able to satisfy and excel in her creative nature. She is an over-achiever and believes that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and ignore the nay-sayers. Her philosophy is based on Shakespeare “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves.” She currently resides in California with her 5 cats and 1 husband.

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