Books To Movies ~ The Host / Hunger Games: Catching Fire


The Host

So, last night I watched The Host for the very first time. I didn’t run to the theatres to see this one. I honestly was a little uneasy about seeing it. I thought for sure it would be butchered as I felt Twilight was. No offense to those of you who didn’t feel the same – just my personal opinion. Truthfully, though, I didn’t enjoy this book from Stephenie near as much as the Twilight series. But, I LOVED the Twilight series. I’m sure if I hadn’t read the series before the movies came out, then I wouldn’t feel the same, though. Nonetheless, I really didn’t like the The Host half as much. I’d give the book 4 stars still. I better add here that if you haven’t read the book, you probably won’t want to read this post because it will definitely contain spoilers for you – or at least scroll down to my Hunger Games: Catching Fire section.

Going into the movie I was really afraid that they were going to butcher Ian and Wanda’s story. I saw one other movie where a human fell in love with an alien, and well, it was just weird. Now, I definitely have to say that it was weird in the book, too. However, you got it. I thought Stephenie did a great job writing about it and making it believable. Now to the movie…let’s say I was pleasantly surprised with the job they did with Ian and Wanda – especially in the short period of time they had to accomplish it.

The movie wasn’t all good for me, though. I think I most had a problem with Melanie’s voice inside of Wanda. I know, that’s a weird thing to have a problem with. It bothered me, though. I can’t say for sure what it was that bugged me – maybe an echo to it or the vibration in the tone? I seriously couldn’t say, but it was the actual sound of her voice that sounded too unnatural to me, and it bugged me throughout the whole movie. This probably wasn’t helped by the fact that I watched Cold Mountain afterwards and found that I loved the way Nicole Kidman’s voice sounded when they were just sharing her thoughts. It sounded natural. Melanie’s just didn’t. Now off on a completely different side note. I discovered for the first time that the movie Cold Mountain was based on a book. I’m definitely going to have to look into that. I love that movie (with the exception of a couple scenes). It’s one of those that I have watched over and over.

Besides the voice driving me crazy. It also felt like the movie seriously dragged at the beginning. I think maybe some more action would have helped. There was more action in the book, so I don’t know why they wouldn’t have included more of that. That’s all that really bothered me, though. I still got some enjoyment out of the movie, but I wouldn’t rate it higher than 3 stars. It’s not something that I’d go around recommending to everyone.

Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Now onto a different book to movie topic. I went this Monday to the theatres to see Iron Man 3, and low and behold – the new Hunger Games trailer was out. YEA!!! Yes, I’m a MAJOR Hunger Games fan. So, what did I think of the trailer? Well, what stuck out the most to me was what I liked the least – surprise, surprise. Isn’t that how it always is? First I didn’t see any connection being made between Katniss & Peeta. This is what bugged me most about the first movie. Second, I didn’t like how they changed up the whipping scene. Oh, well, you will still find me at the theatres to see this one. Although, there were things that bugged me about the first one, I still love it.

Here’s the trailer, for you’re own viewing pleasure:

Happy Reading ( or viewing),


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