Cordillera Book Tour


The Liberator’s War has ended. King Landri Altard now reigns in the post-revolution Kingdom of Cordillera. With the unexpected death of his wife, Landri is forced to place his infant sons in the care of his most trusted allies. An early betrayal puts the identities of the young princes into question as well as others’ allegiance to the Crown. This epic tale follows the lives of the princes as they travel across the Kingdom and encounter the different worlds they are destined to rule. Enemies lurk and alliances are strained as the aftermath of the revolution still lingers in the fragile Kingdom of Cordillera.

About the Author


Born in Burbank , California , Leo Dunn grew up in a family of six, with three sisters to call his siblings. He first developed his passion for writing after moving to the small town of Durango , Colorado as a young teen. With the mountains as his playground, Leo was able to explore and develop his imagination and love for rustic culture and ancient history. He continued such passions through college where he graduate with a BA in History from the University of Northern Colorado . His inspirations for the Cordillera series come from the alfresco Colorado life and a love of medieval fiction. He is excited to bring the world he has created to all who share such passions.

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