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Daniel, Duke of Stratton learns of his betrothal to Miss Berengaria Evangeline Winchcomb minutes before his father death. Having gambled his fortune away, all the late Duke had left to sell was his son. To save his family’s honor Daniel agrees to the marriage, but society’s favorite bachelor is no longer a charming easygoing man – his father’s betrayal has left him angry and with a thirst for revenge.

Eva’s learns she is to wed the Duke of Stratton on way to the church, inside she feels a flicker of hope that at last she is to leave her horrid family, however that flicker is short-lived as she faces the cold unyielding man who is now her husband. Has she merely replaced one tyrant with another?

My Review

4 STARS!!!
Upon turning 18, Eva learns that she is betrothed to the Seventh Duke of Stratton “Daniel,” and they are to be wed immediately. She’s never met Daniel, but her life up until this point has been anything but pleasant or easy. She can only hope that she’s not trading in one tyrant for another.

Daniel’s learns of his betrothed while visiting his father on his deathbed. He’s thinking he’s about to be free – free from under his father’s hands. That all changes when he discovers his father has set up this marriage. Daniel is anything but pleased, but he is a man of honor.

After marrying Eva, Daniel learns to let go of his anger and soon finds himself in the position of having to protect her. Her evil father, older brothers, and a man bent on taking her as his own are all set out to continue terrorizing her and using her for their own selfish desires.

Duchess By Chance was intriguing right from the start. There were never any down times where the story dragged, and it had a nice smooth pace throughout. It was a shorter novel, and one that you can easily enjoy in one night’s time. There were two times that the scene changed without any warning, but they weren’t too distracting. I loved Daniel right from the start. His honorable character shines brightly throughout the story, and I could feel his desire to protect Eva. His character was always consistent and never wavered. I really appreciated this. I also thoroughly enjoyed Eva’s strength. She wasn’t a weakling damsel in distress, but she still needed Daniel and was able to ultimately admit that.

The book carried me through many emotions. At times I found myself laughing aloud. Others I thought I might swoon over something Daniel did or said. There were also times that I was absolutely terrified for Eva or Daniel.

I have to share this one short excerpt.
Daniel. She blushed just thinking of what they had shared last night in this bed. He had told her that in there, they were just Eva and Daniel. All the problems that awaited them outside the bedroom door were left there when they entered at night.

I absolutely loved that! What a great idea for any couple!

That about sums it up for me. It was a very enjoyable and quick read. I look forward to reading more from Wendy!!

You can purchase your own copy here on Amazon.

About the Author

I’m a first generation Kiwi and was born and raised in the North Island of New Zealand. I grew up with beaches and rolling hills and a loud boisterous family that knew how to enjoy life. Married for 28 years to a wonderful man we have two children who have surprisingly morphed from vile teenagers into sane adults.
I love food of all descriptions but a particular favourite is roasted almond peanut slabs from Whittaker’s. My husband thinks I talk more than is strictly necessary and occasionally asks if I ever put any thought into what comes out of my head before he has to hear it. [Read more here on goodreads.]

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