The Seeds of Beauty Tour & Giveaway

Join Lakeysha-Marie Green, author of the fashion/self-help book, The Seeds of Beauty:Defining Your Beauty From the Inside Out, as she tours the blogosphere June 17 – September 13, 2013 on her first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book!


theseedsofbeauty-coverABOUT THE SEEDS OF BEAUTY

What’s the real secret to radiant beauty? It may come as no surprise that how we look on the outside is directly connected to the beauty deep inside us. What’s more, when we are burdened with the weight of low self-esteem, it’s all-too-visible in our physical appearance. That’s why a truly successful makeover begins by reconnecting with who we are at our very core—long before the swipe of the credit card or snip of the shears.

Now, fashion stylist Lakeysha-Marie Green has written a groundbreaking new guide to developing show-stopping beauty from the inside out. Inspirational and easy to use, The Seeds of Beauty seamlessly joins the key elements of inner beauty with savvy, expert style advice on making the most of your own physical attributes. Addressing both of these all-important parts of true beauty, this gorgeous resource comes together in one illuminating journey that looks as fabulous as it feels. In Part One, “Beauty Within,” you’ll learn to build a foundation of self-love, exploring subjects such as acknowledging your value, developing resilience and finding the courage to move forward. Part Two, “Beauty Reflected,” offers you practical advice on wardrobe fundamentals to bring out your beauty and create a winning style, such as working with your body type, selecting your best colors, choosing a swimsuit, and even building a shoe wardrobe. Unlike other fashion and beauty makeover books on the market, The Seeds of Beauty challenges you to discover just why you are uniquely beautiful on the inside. Once you have embraced your own brand of beauty, you’ll be truly motivated to master the building blocks to accentuate your appearance—and glow with your own exquisite beauty from the inside out. PURCHASE AT: amazon


1st Chapter Reveal

The Burning Ship

On the journey to becoming our better selves, there is always a risk. In essence we are leaving behind the only way we have ever known, however self-destructive it may be. The best analogy I could use here is a burning ship.

Negative thoughts have a way of gaining momentum like a fire stoked by a fiercely moving wind until they quickly surround us with smoke so thick it is hard for us to see through the haze. No matter how much others love us, how many admire us, or how successful our lives may be, we find it harder and harder to breathe.

Trapped on the burning ship that is our inner self, the only way to escape the engulfment is to jump into the water waiting below. The choice to jump can stem from a variety of reasons. It could be a life-changing illness, a divorce from an unhappy marriage, or simply waking up to the fact that we want more for ourselves. Tentatively, we cross the deck and are ready to take the leap. Then, screaming from the abyss of our souls, we take the leap off the ship and land safely into the cool, refreshing waters.

Relieved, we feel the intense sensation of a new start, a new beginning. Happily we laugh as ripples of freedom break through the surface of the water with our every movement. And then the inevitable happens.

We look to the shore and suddenly realize how far away it is. Can we swim that far?

Panic sets in.

We look back at the burning ship and begin to desperately rationalize. Maybe if we splash water on the deck, the flames will retreat and it won’t be so bad. Sure, the boat isn’t in the best condition, but maybe, just maybe, despite all the holes, it will still make it to shore.

Change can bring a sense of vulnerability to anyone experiencing it. It can be very frightening to step out into new waters. Instinctively, we retreat to what makes us feel safe and secure even if it’s a burning ship. Then without realizing it we, like the burning ship, sink back into the same negative patterns of the past. We try to reassure ourselves that it wouldn’t have worked out anyway, but in truth we never know because we were too scared to venture beyond our fear.

As you work to better yourself both internally and externally, you may feel the fear that often accompanies change. Like many before you, you will see the distance to the shore and look back to the burning ship. This is a natural reaction that does not indicate weakness.

But instead of returning, you have to make the conscious decision to swim away from the burning ship. With each stroke you will fight the currents of doubt, and each kick will strengthen you and propel you toward your goal. You will tire as everyone inevitably does. But instead of letting yourself sink into the depths of naysayers, float on your back and rest for a bit. Let the waves of hope and the belief in yourself carry you toward shore. And when you are rested and feel strong again, roll over and start to swim again, and don’t stop the journey until you reach the shore.

There have been many burning ships in my life from which I have been forced to jump—bad relationships, dead-end jobs, and self-destructive behavior, to name an attractive few.

And because I have the tendency to be stubborn, I have experienced the pain of repeat voyages. How did I learn to stop setting my ships on fire? I began to look for the warning signs. There is always smoke before the flames. When you smell the smoke, which can appear in the form of self-destructive thoughts, insecurities, or pressures to conform to someone else’s ideals, stop what you are doing and look to see where the smoke is coming from.

Is this self-induced? Are the people with whom you associate healthy for your well-being? Has someone in the past told you that you weren’t good enough, and though buried in the years of your past, the heat of it still burns subconsciously?

If you follow the smoke, you will find the source of your fire. And once you locate it, you possess the ability to squelch it before it turns into a rampant blaze. In doing so you will not only gain insight about yourself, you will also strengthen yourself for the future…


Author Lakeysha-Marie Green is no stranger to tackling style dilemmas. A fashion stylist and former women’s fit technologist, her extensive experience in the fashion industry taught her the importance of fit, fashion, and effortless style. Her penchant for creativity led to her work in editorial magazines, international film premieres, and advertising. Passionate about helping women to look their best, Lakeysha-Marie has contributed her style expertise on television and in print publications. Inspired by her own roller coaster ride to self-discovery, Lakeysha-Marie began writing to illustrate the potential for transformation that lies within us all. She holds a degree in fashion design & merchandising, with continued coursework in styling & photography from the London College of Fashion.

Visit her blog at:



Pump Up Your Book and Lakeysha-Marie Green are teaming up to give you a chance to win a $100 Macy’s gift card and a $50 Sephora gift card!

Here’s how it works:

Each person will enter this giveaway by liking, following, subscribing and tweeting about this giveaway through the Rafflecopter form placed on blogs throughout the tour. If your blog isn’t set up to accept the form, we offer another way for you to participate by having people comment on your blog then directing them to where they can fill out the form to gain more entries. This promotion will run from June 17 – September 13. The winner will be chosen randomly by Rafflecopter, contacted by email and announced on September 14, 2013. Each blogger who participates in The Seeds of Beauty virtual book tour is eligible to enter and win. Visit each blog stop below to gain more entries as the Rafflecopter widget will be placed on each blog for the duration of the tour. If you would like to participate, email Tracee at tgleichner(at) What a great way to not only win these fabulous prizes, but to gain followers and comments too! Good luck everyone!


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The Seeds of Beauty Virtual Book Publicity Tour Schedule


Monday, June 17 – Book featured at Mary’s Cup of Tea

Tuesday, June 18 – 1st Chapter Reveal at 4 the Love of Books

Wednesday, June 19 – 1st Chapter Reveal at Parenting 2.0

Friday, June 21 – Interviewed at Review From Here

Monday, June 24 – Book featured at Beyond the Books

Tuesday, June 25 – Book featured at Authors and Readers Book Corner

Thursday, June 27 – Book reviewed at My Life. One Story at a Time

Friday, June 28 – Interviewed at Literal Exposure

Wednesday, July 3 – Book reviewed at Library of Clean Reads

Friday, July 5 -Guest blogging at Literarily Speaking

Monday, July 7 – Guest blogging at The Writer’s Life

Wednesday, July 10 – Book featured at 4 the Love of Books

Thursday, July 11 – 1st chapter reveal at As the Pages Turn

Tuesday, July 16 – Book spotlight at I’m Shelf-ish

Wednesday, July 17 – Guest blogging at Between the Covers

Thursday, July 18 – Interviewed at Broowaha

Friday, July 19 – Guest blogging at The Story Behind the Book

Monday, July 22 – Book featured at Confessions of a Reader

Tuesday, July 23 – Book featured at Parenting 2.0

Wednesday, July 24 – Interviewed at Beyond the Books

Thursday, July 25 – Interviewed at Pump Up Your Book

Wednesday, August 7 – Guest blogging at Review From Here

Friday, August 9 – Book featured at Authors and Readers Book Corner

Monday, August 12 – Guest blogging at 4 the Love of Books

Wednesday, August 14 – Book reviewed at My Cozie Corner

Thursday, August 15 – Interviewed at I’m Shelf-ish

Friday, August 16 – Book reviewed at Reading to Know

Monday, August 19 – Book reviewed at Queen of All She Reads

Tuesday, August 20 – Interviewed at The Writer’s Life

Wednesday, August 21 – Book featured at Beyond the Books

Thursday, August 22 – Interviewed at Examiner

Monday, August 26 – Guest blogging at Allvoices

Wednesday, August 28 – 1st chapter reveal at Books, Books the Magical Fruit

Thursday, August 29 – Book featured at Literal Exposure

Friday, August 30 – Interviewed at As the Pages Turn

Monday, September 2 – Book featured at Literary Winner

Monday, September 2 – Book featured at Bibliotica

Thursday, September 4 – Book featured at Moonlight, Lace & Mayhem

Monday, September 9 – Book reviewed at Mary’s Cup of Tea

Monday, September 9 – Book reviewed and interview at 4 the Love of Books

Tuesday, September 10- Book reviewed at Melissa’s Midnight Musings

Tuesday, September 10 – Book reviewed at My Devotional Thoughts

Tuesday, September 10 – Book featured at Readingnks

Wednesday, September 11 – Guest blogging and 1st chapter reveal at Crystal’s Many Reviews

Thursday, September 12 – 1st chapter reveal at Ali’s Books

Friday, September 13 – Book reviewed at Create with Joy


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