The Dream Metropolis Tour & Guest Post


Sci-Fi – Fantasy

Date Published: 8/15/2011

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The Dream Metropolis is a science fiction novel that posits the idea of dreams becoming reality, and reality fading away into obscurity. It explores the relationship people have between their real lives and the escape that only dreams can provide.

The Dream Metropolis delves deep into the mechanics of dreaming, all inside of an abstract, ever-changing city of dreams. The people inside this artificial dream world see everything before them as real, even though they do not know that they are dreaming of each other, of other real people.

They are part of a project that works to exploit their limitless, dreaming imagination in an attempt to separate the mind from the body forever, to create a real world inside of the mind.

However, for a drug addict named Ash spending his last moments inside the Metropolis, dreaming forever doesn’t sound so appealing.

Guest Post by Miles Cressman

Why Book Covers Are So Important

The phrase, “Never judge a book by its cover” is one that only works for your novel if your cover is terrible. But it’s also one that you should avoid at all costs, because half the time it’s false. A book cover is the first thing your readers are likely to see, before they even touch your blurb or synopsis. Like a good movie poster, it provides an attraction to your reader. One of the things I asked of my cover artist is to evoke the otherworldly nature of my novels. The cover for The Dream Metropolis achieves just that, I feel. To mimic the dynamism of the dream-verse it takes place in, the cover is half of a real, three-dimensional building, and the other half being drawn in, like an architect’s blueprint. The color shading works with the novel, which features a lot of shades of blue and grey.
The dominant feature you want your cover to evoke is the feelings and ideas that your novel is trying to convey. If not that, then attempt to have a cover that catches a reader’s eye and intrigues them. It may not wholly be connected to your novel, but it will draw them in more than a lot of other things will. I recommend hiring someone who is experienced with making book covers, or at the very least have a friend experienced with Photoshop and Illustrator draw or create a cover for you. If you’re just starting out, there’s no need to go all out with a professional cover until you’ve acquired enough of a fanbase to warrant shelling out the big bucks just for cover art. Even still, a cover can made attractive without the need to spend a lot. Find someone who is willing to listen to your ideas, and turn the words you wrote into an image that will make people want to experience the worlds you create.


“Ash fell down from a hazy, overcast sky and he coated the rooftops with a gray thickness; even as the sunlight filtered in it did little to warm the air, warm the people, bring the life back. He could smell fire, an intense fire that roasted and ached and called out to everything around it hoping for solace. He opened his eyes and for a second never thought he could feel alive again. The gunshot? Completely gone, only some residual scar still freshly fading. And even though the memories were hammer strikes upon the anvil, the pain of it all had begun to recede. Had he died? Was he in the afterlife? Nothing gave him an answer.

He stood up to survey his surroundings. The building he was on top of was alone, surrounded on all sides by a thick forest. However, peering deep into their green veils he could see other buildings, like a city.”


“He reached out to her, encasing her hand in his.
“You could have stopped us. You could have… made this better. You should have been the one with the gun.”
“I can’t kill a man I love. I can’t kill a man just because he makes stupid decisions. If I could, I would have placed a gun to your head when you were born.”
Running a finger along his cheek, she sighed.
“I only wish I could make you die now, rather than slowly watch you die later.”

About the Author


Miles Cressman

Miles Cressman was born in Arizona, but raised in Portland, Oregon, where he grew up enjoying complex fantasy and humanist satire such as Kurt Vonnegut. While attending the University of Oregon he started work on his first full-length novel, The Dream Metropolis, which would later go on to be part one of a four-part series entitled A Paean to Dreams, with its final, conclusive novel released in June of 2013. Miles graduated the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Arts in English, and now works on novels in his spare time. He has been featured in the Eugene, Oregon based literary journal, The Watercourse Journal, and has a short story featured in Kindle All Stars: Resistance Front, which also features the talents of Bernard Schaffer and Harlan Ellison.


Twitter: @Azure_Horizon


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