How to Trade Stocks Using Options Tour

Dart Throw Trading


How To Trade Stocks Using Options: The Dart-Throw Traders Kick A$$ Strategies to Throwing Darts – Picking Stocks – Making Money is an instant trading classic.

This book will take you on a 12-month trading journey that will educate, inspire, and entertain you. There is more to trading stocks (using options) than just picking a stock and hoping (praying) it goes up.

Slagle, The Dart-Throw Trader, will reveal specific strategies and guidelines that could help you tame the markets in only minutes a week.

The Dart-Throw Trading education is so powerful, it has been called “the most innovative and outrageously creative, on purpose financial program ever attempted by mortal man.” Isn’t it time you discovered for yourself just how powerful a trader you can become?

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In January of 1998, I taught my first trading class inDallas,Texasand never looked back.

The world of options trading is a world where time has a different meaning. It is a world where “long term” is often viewed as a matter of weeks or sometimes months, but never as years. It is a world where those who are on the right side of a price move can make a lot of money in a very short period of time.

I made my first trade in 1986. I am now rapidly approaching 46. In the 26 years that have passed between 1986 and 2012, I have learned much about having money in the bank, about having money invested in stocks, about investing money in option contracts. I have learned much about the value of time and the value of money and the value of things besides time and money. In those 26 years, I have seen many markets soar and I have seen many markets collapse. I have learned what one must do to be on board markets that are soaring and what one must do to avoid or go short markets that are collapsing. In those 26 years, I have learned a great deal. You and I are about to embark upon a journey. It is a journey of those twenty years. The one point I want to make, or the lesson that must be learned, is obvious. Through every phase of my knowledge, through every mistake I made, through every break-through I experienced. I always had someone I could turn to, someone to ask questions to, some one to brainstorm with: teachers, mentors, and friends.

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