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Madeline Goode is devastated when her husband dies in a car accident. After moving back in with her parents with her two year old son, Max, she attempts to put the pieces of her life back together. But she didn’t plan on meeting Jake Hart, the star NBA player that she keeps bumping into at her new job as a charity coordinator for the Racers. And she certainly didn’t plan on learning that her husband’s accident may have been no accident at all. Will Jake stick around while her life gets complicated? And if she gives in to her heart, will she just be making another mistake? Rushing to the Altar may be the most daring and risky move of her life.

My ****4 Star**** Review

Clean romances are harder and harder to find it seems. “Sex sells” is a phrase we’ve all heard! Some definitely agree, but there are still many that would strongly disagree. With that in mind, I quite enjoyed this particular clean romance. This book has a very contemporary feel, and yet you’re not gonna find a single sex scene or any foul language. There’s a little bit of making out, but that’s as extreme as it gets. There is a very slight Christian element to the story, but it is VERY slight. I wouldn’t consider it enough to sway me to read it for the Christian viewpoint or vice versa.

Maddie is newly widowed. She’s just trying to make a fresh start for herself and her son. Sasha, Maddie’s BFF, convinces her to attend an NBA game with her one night, and that starts the ball rolling (no pun intended) for her new life.

Jake Hart, NBA star, has been content on his own. He’s never understood how some of his fellow teammates got themselves weighted down in a marriage. Aren’t all women gold diggers? That all changes when he meets Maddie, though. He’s just got to convince her!

When I got to the half-way point of the book, I thought it was going to be extemely easy for him to convince her, too. That’s just because I wasn’t expecting the big WHOPPER of an issue that’s thrown into Maddie’s lap at that point – she wasn’t expecting it either! Things seem to spiral out of control quickly. Are they a mistake that never should have happened? Or can their love survive anything?

I have to admit that at the beginning I really felt like this was just your average highly-predictable romance. That wasn’t the case, however, and that fact definitely redeemed the book for me. I was beginning to get annoyed with the “rushed” romance and the seemingly obvious direction that story was taking. But, when I saw the real direction the book was taking, it all made sense for me. The romance still seemed “rushed”, but that was the point. Bottom line – it worked for me.

It was an easy and quick read. The characters were well-developed, and the plot made complete sense. I found myself laughing often. There were also times when I was swooning or the exact opposite – completely aggravated with one of the characters.

I’m gonna have to say that it definitely needed some more editing. It wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t keep reading, but there were times when it was hard to get through a particualar section. I could make sense of what it was saying, but I found myself focusing more on the mistakes than what I should have been reading.

Overall, I enjoyed the story. It was a low 4 stars for me. It had some issues as I mentioned, but it was still definitely worth the read for me – especially since I think clean romances are so hard to find now. I also really liked some of the wisdom being shared concerning new relationships. This was my first Jamie Carie novel, and I look forward to reading more from her!!

About the Author ~ Jamie Carie

Born and raised in Vincennes, Indiana, Jamie is a preacher’s daughter. Road trips with her dad—to and from Bible studies across Indiana—were filled with talks of things beyond earth’s bounds – creation and the fall, God and Jesus and the rapture, the earthly walk compared to the spiritual walk, and how we are born for more than what we can see or touch. The highlight of those nights was stopping at a truck stop in the middle of the night where her dad spent a little of the offering basket on two slices of pie and a couple of Cokes.

And nothing could stop the writing pouring out of her.

Piles of poems, short stories, skits and song lyrics later, Jamie grew up and married. When her eldest son turned five she decided to try her hand at novels. Eight years and lots of rejection letters later, Snow Angel was published and won ForeWord Magazine’s Romance Book of the Year, a USA Book News “Best Books 2007” Awards winner, and 2008 RITA® Awards Best First Book finalist. In 2010 Wind Dancer was a finalist in the Indiana State Library Best Books of Indiana. It was the beginning of her dream career.

With seven books currently in circulation and her first three book series coming in 2012, Jamie has made an impressive contribution to the inspirational, historical romance genre featuring heroines who are fierce in their beliefs and love. Romantic Times exclaimed, “Carie is a welcome new voice in the inspirational fiction market.” And, “Carie writes with her heart on every page of her books.” Jamie has a passion for history and believes in the power of love stories. She lives with her husband and three boys in Indianapolis, Indiana.

If she could only say one thing to her readers it would be, “Live the dreams God has destined you for!”


Snow Angel
The Duchess and the Dragon
Wind Dancer
Love’s First Light
Angel’s Den
Pirate of my Heart
The Snowflake (a Christmas novella)
The Forgotten Castles Series (A continuous series to be read in order)
The Guardian Duke
The Forgiven Duke
A Duke’s Promise

Contacting Jamie:

Jamie’s website – http://www.jamiecarie.com
Jamie’s blog – http://jamiecarie.com/blog
Jamie’s Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/jamie.carie
Jamie’s Twitter – https://twitter.com/#!/jamiecarie
Jamie’s email: jamie@jamiecarie(dot)com

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4 thoughts on “#COYER ~ Review ~ Rush To The Altar by Jamie Carie

    • I enjoy books both ways, too. I’ll even read a book (and enjoy it) with erotic parts as long as that’s not what the story’s about. I want a real plot. I know there are a lot of people out there that don’t want it in their stories at all, so I LOVE to see a decent book without sex. Plus, I absolutely do not think a book has to have sex to be good. Most of my favorites have zero sex in them. So, anyways, thanks for stopping by Stormi!! I love chatting about books!!

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