#COYER ~ Review: Happily Ever Afton by Kelly Curry


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A sexy romantic comedy that explores what happens when two strangers make a deal of…faux-mance…

Movie critic Afton Lanford put off picking out her wedding gown until the last possible moment, but once she’s all buttoned into her ruffled satin gown, she spots her fiance’s tongue – deep in the mouth of the dishonorable maid-of-honor’s! Her mad-dash pursuit of the cheating pair leads her to run into…and over Cooper Stewart Carrington – the third – on her red motor scooter outside a Seattle coffee shop.

On the run from a persistent suitor of his own, wealthy investment banker, Cooper, agrees to the nutty plan Afton proposes to pretend to be “lovers” to throw off their exes. Their ‘Strangers on a Train’ deal leads to hilarity and hijinks as Afton and Cooper attend a series of events around Seattle with their former partners in hot pursuit and discover along the way if two perfect strangers can ever… criss-cross … into perfect lovers…


My ****4 Star Review****

Wow! This book was absolutely hilarious! Afton had me cracking up from the very start! If you’re looking for a good romantic comedy, then this’ll be a good one for ya! There’s very little cursing, but there are some steamy scenes. However, if you’re not into the steamy scenes, they don’t take place often and can easily be skimmed through.

Despite it’s hilarious start, the book does have a deeper story. In fact, I felt downright distraught at one point. And when Cooper is discovered to be lying to Afton, you can feel the intense burn he’s feeling. In the end everything is just funny again, though.

I also want to say that this is one of those stories that has been told more than a few times – a girl and a guy use each other to get at another guy and girl. But, it was still so fresh! I even made a little note half way through the book that I couldn’t believe how intrigued I still was.

At the time I’m writing this, the book is still free on Amazon – make sure you check before purchasing yourself. It had a few editing issues, but not too many, and I would have happily paid for this one! I’m really looking forward to reading more from Kelly Curry!!

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