Review ~ Champagne Lies by Wendy VanHatten



Champagne was going to make it all better. But it didn’t. From San Francisco to Italy, Stacie can’t figure out how and why things keep happening. Throw in a few murders, a secret vault, a husband she thought she knew…and it all ends up in an Italian villa. With enough twists and turns to create some confusion, Stacie is positive she is done being surprised. But, it is far from the end.


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My ****3 Star**** Review

This is one of those books that I had mixed feelings on. After reading the prologue, I thought the inner dialogue was a little weird, or unnatural sounding. I continued on and then quickly found myself rather intrigued. Matter of fact, by the end of the first chapter alone I was VERY intrigued. The anticipation kept building and building, too. It was very suspenseful! But, then it just fell a little flat for me. Some things just seemed over the top unbelievable, and a few scenes were confusing to me. The overall plot was a bit on the predictable side for me, but there were still some unexpected twists. There was also another build up at the end, but there was no wow factor after all the anticipation.

Overall, I was surprised at how intriguing I found it. I’m really more of a romance girl. While there’s a slight romantic tone, I wouldn’t by any means consider this a romance novel. It’s pure mystery! So, I was pleasantly surprised I enjoyed it as much as I did. While the inner dialogue seemed unnatural to me at first, it quickly began to grow on me. I think Wendy is VERY skilled at making you fell intense anticipation! A+ on that!! I guess I wanted just a bigger bang at the end. The ending has a two-part surprise, but the biggest one was expected to me, so it didn’t pack the punch I wanted. There were also some questions left unanswered, and that bothered me a little.

I give this a strong 3 stars, bordering on 4. It was worth the read to me, and I’d definitely pick up another Wendy VanHatten book!!
*I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.*

Happy Reading,



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