What Tomorrow Brings Tour & Guest Post

what tomorrow brings

Title: What Tomorrow Brings

Author: Cyndi Raye

Release date: August 18th, 2013

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Tour: Irresistible Reads Book Tours


Maggie McCoy, bestselling author of romance, went to the Florida Keys for a much needed getaway to break the writer’s block that was threatening her success. Her plans to be alone died the moment she met Jake Hatfield. He wound up to be too much of a distraction for serious minded Maggie.

She had never let her hair down before, but when she finally decides to, it leads her on a motorcycle ride through the land of paradise, an adventure at a full moon party and other trials as well. All she wanted to do was to create a best seller, not live it. There were never any plans to fall for a hot, sexy man in the middle of nowhere.

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Guest Post by Cyndi Raye

I can answer all of the questions that my readers want to know about the characters and the storyline, but something that I never get asked about it is where I actually do write my Florida Key Series books.
Since I live in Pennsylvania, where the weather can be chilly in the fall and freezing during the wintertime, where ice and snow can accumulate in the mountains of the Poconos, it doesn’t seem like the perfect place to be able to write a story about the Florida Keys. Actually, during cold weather is when I love starting the fireplace and curling up in front of it, writing away. I love being swept away on a chilly day to a place that I remember so vividly in my mind. Plus, just the memory of the sunsets gets me through the cold winters.
Because Maggie and Jake’s story is stand alone, I never get asked if they will be in any future books. I’m happy to say that you will find them in Jon’s story, Nothing Waits Forever. They do pop up here and there, only because he is Jon’s twin brother. I haven’t decided yet if they will be in any other future book, guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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