Best Served Cold Tour & Review


By Tawdra Kandle

Sometimes revenge is your only choice. . .

Julia worked for weeks planning the perfect surprise birthday party for her boyfriend, Liam, but that night, she was the one who got the biggest shock. He broke up with her in front of all their friends, humiliating her in the process.

Clearly revenge was in order.

The plan is simple. Make him jealous, win him back, and then crush his heart. Fair is fair. However, there is one little hiccup and he has curly brown hair and dimples.

Jesse is everything she wants. With him, she could almost forget her bruised heart. Almost. Julia has one choice: let Liam walk away after everything he did, or lose a chance at love in pursuit of payback.


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“This is what you want me to wear to a party at Alpha Delt?”
Ava met my eyes in the mirror and grinned.
“I don’t know, Ave. Are you sure you know what you’re doing? You and Giff?” I turned around to face her. “I don’t want to look ridiculous. Hell, the last thing I need is more people making fun of me.”
“No one’s going to make fun of you. Look at the hotness of you.”
I rolled my eyes and pivoted to check out the mirror again. My jeans were just faded enough not to look brand new, and the scoop neck black shirt clung in the right places. Still, it was subtle. There wasn’t a hint of cleavage, and the jeans weren’t even tight. My black boots were flat and cuffed, hardly hot-mama material. I looked more Victorian than vampish.
“Why do you get to wear the cute outfit?” Ava’s black skirt was short and flirty. She’d paired it with a slouchy gray sweater that we’d found at a thrift shop before Christmas. The thin knit accentuated her curves and showed more skin than my roommate usually displayed.
“Because I’m not there on a mission. And besides, your outfit is cute, too. But if you dress up all out of character, it’s going to look suspicious. Like you’re trying to get Liam’s attention, not like you just happened to be at a party where he is, too.”
“Right. I know.” I drew in a deep breath. “Okay, let’s go.”
It was a still winter night, so cold and clear that the stars seemed very close. I could see our breath as we shivered along the path to fraternity row. Most everyone who lived on campus walked to frat parties since parking was limited in that area, and the campus police tended to patrol more often for DWI on weekends.
I heard music coming from Alpha Delt as we approached, and my stomach turned over. Ava must have sensed it—or heard it—because she grabbed my arm.
“No turning back now,” she said, her voice muffled by the scarf wound around her face.
“That sounds incredibly ominous. Like something I’d hear in a horror movie right before zombies pour out of the frat house. Are you sure we shouldn’t just go back home, put on our jammies and watch the second season of Buffy?”
“Pretty sure. Come on. Man up. Or rather, woman up.”

My ****4 Star**** Review

Best Served Cold is what I’d call a fresh take on a classic story. Liam humiliates Julia “Jules” by showing up at a surprise party she’s throwing him with another girl. He somehow forgot to mention that he was breaking up with Julia after 10 months of being together. Julia decides she wants revenge.
Oh, but in walks Jesse. And, well, Jesse’s just perfect. VERY PERFECT! I mean, if I had one complaint about the book, it would be to give him some sort of fault – just to make him seem more real. Anyhow, Julia has to decide if she wants Jesse, or if she wants revenge, or if she can juggle them both. To make matters worse, Ava, her roommate and bff, is acting funny and it has something to do with Liam.
I really enjoyed this fast-paced fun and super sweet NA romance. It does have some strong language, but not excessive, and sexual content, but again, it’s not something that takes up the bulk of the story for those not into that. I especially liked that there wasn’t a rush to sex in Jesse & Jules relationship. It really added to the overall sweetness that was Jesse. But, you could also see him struggle with it, so as not to take away the fact that he was all male.
I really like Julia’s character, and getting to see her mature. Her character was easy to relate to, and I never found myself questioning her. She was believable. I also really, really liked Jesse. Who would not fall in love with Jesse? I certainly don’t know. He was just – perfect. I even loved his adorable little brother, too. Then there was Liam’s roommate Giff that was a lot of fun. I thought all of the characters were well-developed and displayed unique personalities.
I’d recommend this book to anyone into NA romances! I’m really looking forward to Ava’s story coming up – Just Desserts. I’d also love to see more of Jules & Jesse’s story. I’d be interested in seeing how things work out with Jesse’s jealous mother and his sister. Maybe this will be addressed in Ava’s story? Either way, I look forward to more!
4 STARS!!!!

Tawdra Kandle has been a writer since pens were invented. Her first published story appeared in Child Life magazine when she was 13 years old. She took a brief hiatus of about thirty years to hone her craft, get married and have four children before publishing the young adult quartet The King Series. She has since published books in both the adult and new adult romantic genre. Tawdra lives in Florida with her husband and children, both skin and fur-types. Oh, and yes–she has purple hair.


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