Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge 2014 ~ #3

Book Blogger New Year's Challenge
The Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge is hosted by Parajunkee.


The Program

I love dystopian novels, and this sounded really good to me before I even started seeing all the great reviews. I saw this on so many “The Best of 2013” posts, and it definitely sits at the top of my personal TBR list.

Clockwork Princess

I’ve just recently read the first books in both The Mortal Instruments series and The Infernal Devices series. So, while everyone’s been going on and on about Clockwork Princess, I just read Clockwork Angel. It was definitely good enough that I can’t wait to read the rest!

Losing Hope

Last, but definitely not least, is Hoover’s Hopeless series. I read the free Finding Cinderella novella, and well, it was enough to let me know that I HAVE to read the first two books!

Now there are many, many more that I could list here. I mean who has time to read every good book published in one year? I DON’T!! So wish I did, though. But, I’ll save you the very long list!

What book of 2013 do you wish you’d read?

Happy Reading,



2 thoughts on “Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge 2014 ~ #3

    • Clockwork Prince will probably be the next book I read, then I’ll follow it with Clockwork Princess. Or maybe I should rephrase – they’ll probably be the next I read for my own pleasure. I’ll squeeze them in between books I have to read for reviews.

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