Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge – Day 8

Book Blogger New Year's Challenge
The Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge is hosted by Parajunkee.


This is another hard one for me! I’m not sure I have just ONE moment that has stood out among the rest. So, I’ll share some moments that have been special for me.

  • Taking part in my first blog tour (having someone willing to work with me when I was just getting started)
  • Building my first blogger/author relationship
  • People supporting me when my blog was shut down without warning (HATE HACKERS)
  • Getting some amazing books – especially when the Amazeballs Author took the time to write me a sweet personalized note inside the cover!
  • Gaining so many great readers & reading their comments! I LOVE to talk books!!

So, there you have it! Those have been some of my favorite things about blogging this past year!! I’m so thankful for each of you readers!!

Happy Reading,


4 thoughts on “Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge – Day 8

  1. I love building relationships with authors of books that were just beyond amazing to me! It’s so great because they’re usually overseas writers that I’d never get to speak to otherwise. 🙂


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