Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge – Day 10

Book Blogger New Year's Challenge
The Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge is hosted by Parajunkee.


If you’ve been reading my blog regularly or following on FB/twitter, then some of this will just seem a bit repetitive. But, I’m going to list some of the things that I’ll be doing differently this year. Some of these things I’ve already started implementing, others will be in the works. I’m sure I’ll forget a few things, but here’s what’s fresh on my mind right now.

  • Limiting Reviews I Accept ~ This doesn’t mean that I’ll have less reviews for you. It just means that I want to make sure I have time to read the books I WANT to read, but haven’t been ASKED to. This means I’ll be able to read more of the books everyone’s discussing because I won’t be so bogged down.
  • Writing More of My Own Content ~ This year I endeavor to write more on my blog. There are lots of bookish things I’d love to talk about, but don’t make the time to. I don’t want the only time you hear my opinion/thoughts to be from a review, meme, or challenge such as this one.
  • Consistent Meme Participation ~ I DO NOT want to go overboard with memes. However, I do want to get more consistent in my participation with the memes that I choose to get involved with.
  • Giveaways ~ Now, I’m sure you can click on “Giveaway” under categories and find plenty of giveaways to enter. The thing is, I want to start having more of my own giveaways ~ giveaways that are unique to my blog. A way to say thank you to my followers!

So, that’s a short list of some of the changes I look to make this year. I’ve already started putting some of them into place, but others I’m still working on. It will all require better organization on my behalf! I’m looking forward to them, though!!

Happy Reading,


4 thoughts on “Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge – Day 10

  1. I love your idea about doing unique giveaways. I’ve gone the opposite direction and am doing away with doing giveaways (I never did much anyway) because I simply can’t get it together to send things out in a timely manner.


    • Thanks! I completely understand. I’m not the best at organization, so that makes it hard to stay on top of giveaways. But, I’m getting better! Organization is one of my blogging resolutions!!


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