Review ~ A New Beginning by Rebekah Bedford

A New Beginning

Nineteen year-old Claire falls in love with Jake, the son of a wealthy and highly influential man. However, the disapproval of Jake’s father brings with it trails and tribulations she could never have expected.

Eric Stanford will go through any lengths choose a bride of his own making for his son. A woman of good breeding, of class, an asset to his empire. So begins a story of chaos, fear, murder and betrayal.

To save her own life, Claire must run. And when she can no longer ran, the only place she can hide is in plain sight, with a new name, a new life and a beautiful daughter. She holds the key to Eric’s destruction and the downfall of his empire but can she wield it, or would it cost her much more than she already lost.

Will she reclaim the man and the life that she lost…or will she die trying?

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My ****3 Star**** Review

This book started out on a very sad note, but one that left me wanting to read more and hoping to see the problem rectified. After the opening, I quickly encountered a lot of editing issues, though. I don’t normally point out editing issues unless they seem excessive, which was the case with this book. I got my copy free from Amazon, so you know which copy I had an issue with. Nevertheless, I pushed through because the opening left me craving more.

Despite the editing issues, I quickly connected to Claire, and her despair was palpable. I so hoped to see things fixed for her with Jake. Then her character seemed to flip. She started out seeming so in love with Jake, but in just one scene with her lawyer, I was questioning everything. I did not at all care for the turn the story took. One moment she seemed SO in love with Jake, and then the next, not so much.

On the other hand, I thought the villainous character of Mr. Stanford was well-written. Then there was Jake, whose character never seemed to waver. Both of these characters made complete sense to me, and I really connected with Jake. But, then there were some scenes and characters that didn’t seem to have any relevance to the story. When reading them, I wondered how they would play into the plot, but they never did.

I have to point out that this book has an underlying Christian theme to it. The author’s interpretation of some Christian aspects are controversial even in the Christian community, and didn’t fall in with my own personal beliefs. While this only slightly affected my overall opinion of the book, I wanted to point this out for people that may take a bigger issue with it. The author’s opinion came across as God caused some horrific things to happen to Claire and Jake because of their sin of fornication. This is only spoken of once, though.

On a positive note, this story touched on my emotions many times. It’s one of those books that can easily have you feeling sad and depressed. While it sounds odd to mention “on a positive note” with “sad and depressed”, I thought the author did a great job with making me feel the fear and sadness the characters felt. If it hadn’t been for the severe editing issues, I would have liked this book a great deal more. Then, if you take into account that this was a debut for the author, I see definite potential for her future works.

Warnings: extreme violence, sexual content, talk of rape, and strong language

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