Review ~ The Governess Novella #1 (The Huntington Saga Series Novels)

the governess novella


From #1 Best-Selling Author, Ellise C. Weaver, in Christian, Historical, and Victorian Romance comes this first novella to The Governess saga.

By popular request from Ellise’s readers, she shares new chapters for The Governess, further detailing the beautiful wedding day. Readers enjoyed The Governess so much, they did not want the story to end. They wanted more! And Ellise has delivered, yet again in her unique way of expression!

These new chapters are found within the final compilation of The Governess Trilogy but are absent from the individual volumes (1-3). Enjoy these new, concluding chapters to Creighton and Carly’s love story today!

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My ***3.5 Star*** Review

If you’ve read the title, then you know that this is just a novella that fits into a series. I picked up this novella because it was free on Amazon. That’s often a good way to see if I would enjoy a particular series. I often download numerous books a day and never really pay much attention to what they’re about until I go to read them. I’m a bookaholic and have an impossible time at saying no to a free book. Now, here’s the thing. I do most of my reading at night. I live out in the woods and I don’t have wi-fi, so when it’s the middle of the night and I finish a book, I just scroll to the next cover that catches my attention. It being the middle of the night, I don’t climb out of bed and do any research on the book first. So, I had no clue if this was a novella starting off a series or that fit in the middle of a series or what until the time I set out to write this review. I’m just giving you all this info to show you the perspective I had reading it.

This novella picks up at the rush of getting everyone ready to get the wedding started. Having not read the series, I thought this was a very unique place to start a novella. I’ve only read one other novella started this way.

You’re taken through Carly and Creighton’s ceremony, but really it’s all about feelings and anticipation of the wedding night. It is very apparent, however, that the couple is very much in love despite the focus being on Creighton making Carly his wife in more than name only. So, it was very sweet. I stress very sweet because despite this being about the anticipation of “sex”, this is a very clean novella. This couple is wed and they are in love. It’s a beautiful thing and no details are given.

As far as negatives go, there isn’t any sort of conflict or real point if you’re reading this as a stand-alone. It works as a stand-alone, but I would definitely read the first book in the series first, as this is truly just meant to be an addition to the ending of that book. Then there would be a point. Had I read the novel, I most likely would have given this 4 stars, but without it, 3.5.

I’m definitely interested in checking out the series!
I purchased this book on Amazon shortly after its release when it was free.

About the Author ~ Elisse Weaver

Ellise Weaver

Ellise was born and raised in Idaho, U.S.A. There she was raised in a large family with much to do and much to entertain herself with—especially reading. She went to Boise State University and ITT Technical College where she graduated in Legal Secretarial. While working, she met and fell in love with her husband. Shortly afterward, they moved to Eastern Idaho where they are raising their three children.

Ellise began writing after facing a bout with breast cancer. It became her outlet, and she has enjoyed working on her newest talent she believes a loving Father in heaven has blessed her with. The Huntington Saga series has six novels: The Governess (Volumes One, Two, and Three); Pirate Bride; Elspeth Was Her Name; and Creighton’s Daughter. Look for the rest of these books in the coming months ahead.

Ellise loves to hear from her readers at: or at And check out her blog at:

Happy Reading,


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