Kindle Freebies ~ 10/12/14

If you’re a regular follower of my blog, then you know that I can’t say no to free books! I honestly can’t say no to books at all. Many of you follow me on FB & pick up a lot of the books I post as being free for the day. I’ve decided it would be a whole lot easier for me to make a daily post on my blog listing all the freebies I have picked up that day. I will update this post often throughout the day, so feel free to keep coming back. I will try to make the posts early, so you’ll have time to pick up any books that are only free on that particular day.

Keep in mind I try to veer away from images that you wouldn’t want your kids to see, so I’ll list some as just titles that you can click on.

Here’s today’s new freebies I picked up ~

Click on the title under the picture to open the link in a new window.

Always check prices as they are subject to change!!!


Blood Money
Mine To Take (Mine – Romantic Suspense Book 1)
Seduction and Surrender (The Billionaire’s Temptation Series Book 1)

I hope you enjoy the freebies!!

Happy Reading,


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