Review ~ Falling Away by Allie Little

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I am completely unravelled. He presses his forehead onto mine. “You feel so good,” he breathes, and I’m stripped and laid-bare; basking for once in my unvarnished state.

Sam has never minded the tranquillity of living in a tiny coastal town, but when school finishes forever, her world begins to change. First she meets Jack, his blasé charm hiding a secret from his past. And dark broody Riley, her almost-boss from the café seems to only want one thing. Her.

But Sam is dealing with issues of her own. Her mother suffers a mental illness and their history is one that Sam tries desperately to forget. But fate has other plans, and when an unforeseen event wreaks havoc on Sam’s life, Sam must face her long held fears.

When Sam’s world is rocked to its core, her instinct is to run. From Jack, her mother, and the pain that grips her heart. But Sam can’t run forever, and she must find a way to pick herself up and deal with an issue she’s put off for far too long.

Can Sam allow Jack to be there for her when already he’s suffered so much? Or will she finally succeed in pushing him away forever?

My ***3.5*** Review

There were some issues with this story for me. Sam got on my nerves with some of her choices, and then there were times that things just didn’t make sense in general. I also found it weird when a big, uncommon word was just thrown in out of nowhere. Some things were hinted at that never became anything, which seemed a little off, too.
For those of you into triangles, you’d enjoy the fact that there’s one in this story. It was a little weird for me because one guy seemed an easy write-off.
The end left some questions unanswered, but there was still an ending to a huge part of the story.
My first instinct with this story was to give it 4 stars because it was a page turner for me. I read it a month ago, though, and struggled to remember much of it even after studying the notes I wrote on it. All of my notes were about problems I found, though.
I will say that I can see potential as a result of the author’s ability to keep me flipping pages and holding my interest. This is just Allie’s second book, so I look forward to reading more from her in the future.
Warnings: strong language, sex scenes

About the Author ~ Allie Little

Allie is a Sydney-based writer who believes in the boundless possibilities of imagination and in telling stories that resonate with the heart. Allie writes about relationships, love, overcoming the obstacles that life throws in our way, and knows that a good ‘happily ever after’ always makes her heart sing.

Juggling motherhood, part-time work and mostly nocturnal writing habits, Allie lives on the northern beaches of Sydney with her husband and two children. She has a penchant for drinking way too much spicy Chai tea, and loves to eat chocolate-covered almonds as if they’re the last food available on the planet.

Allie is the author of young adult romance FALLING AWAY, as well as middle-grade fiction CLOUD QUEST.

And when Allie’s not writing or wrangling children, she’s reading – another addiction that simply refuses to go away!…

Happy Reading,



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