Review ~ Mrs. Maddox: A Beautiful short story

beautiful walking disaster A Beautiful Wedding

As this is a short story, it has no cover. 😦 So, I’m sharing the covers to the rest of the series. Jamie wrote this just before her release of Walking Disaster. It’s a sweet super-mini story. It’s set on Valentine’s Day the year after they married. I have to admit that after reading A Beautiful Wedding, I was a little paranoid about reading it. A Beautiful Wedding was like a buzz kill to the warm sappy feelings I wanted Abby to have when marrying Travis. Anywhoo, this story only complemented them and showed how Travis is still crazy about Abby. Plus, it made Abby sound like she was pretty crazy about him in return. So, although this is super short, I was so very happy to have just a little taste of Travis and Pidge again! If you want to check out the story yourself, you can find it HERE.

That wraps up the Beautiful series for me! Be sure to drop by Sunday when I’ll be sharing about all the series I’ve wrapped up this year, and the progress I’ve made on other series.

I’d also love to hear what series you’re reading right now, or what series you would recommend!

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