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Title: Raveling You

Series: Unraveling You #2

Author: Jessica Sorensen

Release Date: Jan. 13, 2015

Genre: Contemporary YA Romance / Drama

Ayden Gregory may want to keep running from his nightmares, but he no longer has a choice. His past is catching up with him. And fast. He relies on one person to keep him from crumbling. His best friend Lyric Scott.

Lyric feels helpless watching her best friend’s world turn upside down. But she does her best to remain positive and upbeat. She gets their band their first gig and even with everything going on, her relationship with Ayden starts to heat up.

But when danger enters Ayden’s life again, even Lyric might not be able to help him.

My ****4.5**** Star Review

I am sooo loving this series! My only complaint is that the books just aren’t long enough! I WANT MORE!!

If you haven’t read the first book, then stop here! This book picks up where Unraveling You stops, so this review will probably contain spoilers for book 1. You can read my review on Unraveling You HERE.

My heart so breaks for Ayden. He has been through hell, and they want him to relive it. He’s starting to remember some things, but he really worries about how Lyric will feel about him after all this. He’s trying to deal with all this while still fighting to discover where his sister is and what happened to his brother. There’s also a break-in and hypnotic therapy to contend with, and that’s just the start. You start wondering, if you haven’t already, if this series is about to take a serious trip on the dark side.

The chemistry between Ayden and Lyric is just as strong as ever. The tension remains thick, and Ayden is taking steps forward. You always wonder if they will lead to two steps back, though.

So, you have the love story with two teens trying to overcome one dark past, a major mystery, cult issues, and a possible murder to solve. It’s definitely shaping up into one incredible story!

If you enjoyed Unraveling You, then you’ll definitely want to pick up this second book! Book 3, Awakening You (doesn’t that title sound awfully ominous), will be released Mar. 24th. Then book 4, Entangling Us, will follow Apr. 21st. I CAN’T WAIT!! Jessica, you are one serious powerhouse of an author!

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