Review ~ Boy Toy Chronicles


Title: Boy Toy Chronicles

Author: Jay McLean

Publication Date: Mar. 3, 2015

Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romantic Comedy

Warning: This book contains mildly inappropriate everything.
*28,500 standalone NOVELLA*

“So…I came up with a plan.

I sat the brothers down and gave them my speech; we’d become male escorts.

The house was split.

The single dudes thought it was great. The guys with the steady girlfriends told the single dudes they were insane.

I promised them all we could make it work without hurting anybody. But we had to be smart about it. We had to keep it off campus. We had to keep it a secret. And in order to do so, we had to target those who wanted it kept a secret as much as we did.

Our target: Filthy rich, unsatisfied, horny housewives.

Keep it high class, so to speak.

And thus began BTC, or Boy Toy Corporation.

Crazy, right?

Crazy genius.”

-Tyler West.

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*At the time I’m putting this post together, you can get the book free on Kindle Unlimited or just pay 99 cents for your own copy!*

My ****4 Star**** Review

So I have to confess that it was the following quote from the blurb that made me have to read this book: “Warning: This book contains mildly inappropriate everything.”

One of the things I loved about this book is that it’s written from Tyler’s perspective. That alone made this book different from other books that might have the same bent. Some of his decisions and thoughts were a little jacked. Some of the stuff he does is just downright twisted. But, I still found myself liking him. I did wish I could reach in and slap some sense into him a few times.

What can I say about Allie? Hmm. Well, she could be just as frustrating as Tyler, but I still liked her, too, and pulled for them both.

Tyler and Allie grew up as friends, best friends, and they’re both scared about the MORE they both want. I normally LOVE this type of story. For the sake of this story being a novella, though, you really just get the “now” of them. I tend to enjoy getting both the now and then.

There were some of the sexual escapades and actions that I found a bit weird, but overall I really enjoyed it. It kept my interest and had me flipping the pages. It’s definitely a read in one sitting book! Will I read the next book in this series? Maybe, maybe not. Will I read more from Jay McLean? Definitely. I really enjoyed the writing style. One last thing that has no bearing on the book itself ~ I’m not crazy about this cover.

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4 thoughts on “Review ~ Boy Toy Chronicles

  1. Not crazy about the cover either, but that part of the blurb caught my attention too, I bought it and will read it soon – glad you enjoyed it ! 🙂

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