Review ~ The Sin Eater’s Daughter


Title: The Sin Eater’s Daughter

Series: The Sin Eater’s Daughter #1

Author: Melinda Salisbury

Publication Date: March 1, 2015

Genre: YA Fantasy

I am the perfect weapon.
I kill with a single touch.

Twylla is blessed. The Gods have chosen her to marry a prince, and rule the kingdom. But the favour of the Gods has it’s price. A deadly poison infuses her skin. Those who anger the queen must die under Twylla’s fatal touch.

Only Lief, an outspoken new guard, can see past Twylla’s chilling role to the girls she truly is.

Yet in a court as dangerous and the queen’s, some truths should not be told…

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My ****4 Star**** Review

So I wasn’t crazy about Twylla when she was first introduced, but I still found myself intrigued with where the story was going. I felt hopeful for a redemption of her character. I did slowly get that, although it takes quite a while before she seems to start thinking for herself. My very slow to come liking of her was one of my downsides to this story.
It was the introduction of Prince Merek, and Twylla’s guard, Lief that made things interesting. If you’re into love triangles, then this book might just be for you. Twylla is betrothed to Prince Merek. This is an arranged marriage and the two hardly know each other. Merek seems to have some opinions that differ from his stiff and vicious mother, but Twylla isn’t sure that she can trust him. Is he sincere or is he trying to set her up?
Then there’s Lief. Lief slowly starts to open Twylla’s eyes to the truth around her. She has a hard time not developing feelings for Lief in the process.
There are some serious twists and turns in this story. There’s more than one whopper that will be dropped on you. The twisted character of the queen will truly astound you! But, evil could be lurking behind the warm eyes of anyone.
The end will leave you gasping and wanting more!
So, overall, I enjoyed this on a whole. I’d recommend this to those that like YA fantasy with some romance blended in.

Happy Reading,


5 thoughts on “Review ~ The Sin Eater’s Daughter

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  2. I was so happy when my got my hands on this one and yet I haven’t started it yet! I hope to soon. I’m not crazy about love triangles so I hope it isn’t a huge part of the plot. And you’ve got me curious about that ending. Please tell me it’s not a cliffhanger! LOL


    • Hmm. I’m not really sure how to answer this one. Yes, it plays a big role, but it’s not about whether she loves one or the other. It’s clear that her heart is in one direction, but she’s not sure if that’s what’s best for the kingdom. But there towards the end is where a big twist comes to play. It doesn’t really end on a cliffhanger. You get an ending, but there are still lots of questions left. I think the romance shines the brightest in this story, but there’s an underlying plot leaning towards the mythical that starts growing stronger. I think this will come more into play as the series progresses.


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