Clean Teen Thursdays ~ Anca’s Story

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Dare you read Anca’s Story?

Three young children smuggle themselves into Auschwitz in search for their parents.

If you’re looking for werewolves, vampires and faeries and paranormal fantasy, try somewhere else. The only wolf in this story is very real, and the only connection with vampires is the distant Transylvanian mountains in Romania, where this story begins.

If you’re looking for light-reading where they all live happily ever after then again, try somewhere else.

If you want serious, no-holds-barred literary fiction set against the background of real historic events then this is for you.

Saffina Desforges made her name writing hard-hitting crime fiction.

This book is about that most horrific crime of all: genocide.

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Content Observations:
This book was written with a YA audience in mind. There’s no foul language and no sexual content. However, you can expect extreme violence. This book paints a vivid picture of what the Jews experienced during the Holocaust.

Discussion Questions:
1. In the beginning of the story, Anca has already dealt with some extreme adversity. She remains upbeat, though. How do you think you would feel in her situation.

2. What did you think about Maxim’s decision to cut Anca out of Raisa’s life?

3. Anca said with a true friend, “One could be true to oneself and not fear to lose that friendship.” Do you agree? How would you describe friendship?

4. When Anca chose to leave Izabella’s, should she have left the children behind?

5. Do you think Henryk should have confessed the truth to Anca?

6. Do you think the citizens should have fought back, or was it right for them to do whatever work the Germans required?

7. Ultimately, Elone married a German man. Anca said she separated the Nazi from the German. What does this say about her character?

Happy Reading,


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