Ali’s January Review

January was a decent book month for me. I finished 21 books. I gave up on about 10, but I was able to discover some real gems! I gave 8 books 5 STARS!!! Not bad! And, I had a good bunch of honorable mentions.

Let me start with sharing my favorite 2019 read so far ~

Click HERE for my review!

And a close runner up…

Hopefully I’ll have my review up on this one in the next day or so. Honestly this book had a couple little things that bugged me when I was reading it, so that I thought I was going to give it 4.5 stars, BUT after several weeks and many books later, this is the book that I just keep thinking about. The characters grabbed me and have never let go!

I have one other new release that I gave 5 stars to ~

You can find my review HERE! Mia Sheridan has been on fire lately!!! I also highly recommend her book The Wish Collector!! It was one of my 5 star reads in December.

My other 5 star reads were older books. Here’s a list ~

Here’s my honorable mentions that were all very enjoyable!



I’m only working on 2 reading challenges at the moment, but I’m planning on adding more. My first challenge is the Goodreads Challenge. I set a goal of 160 books this year. I’m currently 13% in having read 21 out of 160. That’s 7 books ahead of schedule, so I’m sitting pretty here.
I’m also participating in a challenge with one of my Goodreads groups: SHH… [SMUT, HEROES & HEAS…]: Big Bad Shhlut: 2019 Reading Challenge. This is a fun one! We only have 26 different categories to read from & I’ve finished 7 so far. One of the categories is A book with an alpha hero that cannot be topped or tamed. Any suggestions???

How was your January???

Happy Reading,

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