Lincoln Daniels ~ I’d Go Back to College For That!

Anna here ~

Title: If

Author: Randi Cooley Wilson

Release Date: Dec 16, 2019

Blurb: If you knew love would hurt you, would you fall? If you knew love would leave you, would you let it go? If you knew love could never be, would you try? From bestselling author Randi Cooley Wilson comes a love story about heartbreak, second chances, and letting go. The ifs that linger between the pages of this novel will break your heart and stay with you long after the final chapter.

Emerson Shaw thought she’d left her old life behind her, but when she returns home for her best friend’s wedding, she has no idea her past is waiting to reclaim her.

Lincoln Daniels never wanted to find love. But when he met straight-laced Emerson, he fell. Hard. The only thing they seemed to have in common was an undeniable mutual attraction, but from the moment he laid eyes on her, there was something about her that called to him. Until he lost her.

Just when Emerson is finally ready to let go and stop existing in a past full of pain and regret, Lincoln returns, turning her life upside down. What begins as a tentative friendship quickly escalates, and the two soon realize that all the ifs lingering between them no longer matter.

What happens when two broken people meet, fall in love, and realize they can never be? What happens when all the what ifs no longer make sense? If you knew your heart would break, would you still fall? This book is intended for mature audiences.

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*****My 4.5 Star Review*****


After reading several not so good books and a few I couldn’t finish I was getting pretty frustrated (poor Ali had to listen to all my whining), I just wanted a good book! It couldn’t be just any book though, this book had to be good enough to earn the spot in my 1st blog post. I mean I had a fan base to think about, I couldn’t let my public down, either of them, Ali or my husband.

I’d been praying hard for that good book when I stumbled across If (Thank you Amazon recommended reading list!) I am usually against big brother tracking my every move and listening to my conversations but they pointed me in the right direction so I can overlook it this time. So, on a moderately cool Louisiana winter night with my windows open and our majestic state bird (mosquitoes) swarming around outside I started to read.

If is the 1st book I’ve read by Randi Cooley Wilson but she has found herself added to my prized list of ‘To Read Authors’. This is a big deal people! At least it’s treated that way in my bullet journal.

Ms. Wilson did a great job with the pace. I have a goldie locks rule when I read. Not too fast or I can’t get to know the characters and enjoy the unfolding plot. Not to slow with to much unneeded detail ( I will never again read a book that takes pages, PAGES!, to describe a flower) I like it right in the middle that’s my just right speed.

Her writing was so good! I was pulled into the story almost immediately. I was feeling the emotions with the characters. I rolled my eyes with Emerson at Tyler. The almost kiss in the laundry room…I may have been the most disappointed person there. And the intimate scenes, a few of those actually felt more like a threesome, did I mention my husband appreciates Ms. Wilson’s writing too.

Lincoln Daniels, great name, he found himself added to my ‘Book Boyfriend’s’ list (I have a lot of list) The chemistry between Lincoln and Emerson was pretty intense. It was emotional watching them go through their roller coaster of a relationship and (Spoiler alert) Lincoln actually saves Emerson’s life.

Emerson was a great female lead. She was smart enough to not take a drink at a party she didn’t open herself and she loves mexican food, mexican as Ali can attest is my love language. Even with parents as horrible as hers she is sweet and fun. I am glad they had a limited role they were not nice people at all!!

I really liked this book, I will definitely be rereading this one.



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