Only With You ~ Review

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Title: Only With You
Series: The Connor Family #4
Author: Layla Hagen
Release Date: Kindle ~ Mar 2, 2019/Paperback ~ Mar 5, 2019
Blurb: Carter Sloane is famous for one thing: winning cases. He’s a sharp, astute lawyer, who always gets his way. In his private life, he’s completely in over his head when it comes to raising his two nieces.

When he moves into a new office, he just can’t take his eyes off the fiercely independent woman across the street. He’d love to touch and kiss that irresistible body.

Valentina “Val” Connor is proud of her booming fragrance company. If only she were half as successful in her love life… Between trusting the wrong men and sheer bad luck, Val is convinced she’ll never find the one.

But with his sophisticated charm and sex-appeal, Carter is hell-bent on proving to her that he can turn her luck around. Val’s senses warn her to stay away from men like him—even if her body is begging her to cave. But when she finds out about Carter’s nieces, she steps in to help, doting on them with love and care.

As Val and Carter grow closer, one thing is clear to him: He’d move mountains to make her happy, but with Val’s career soaring, how can he ask her to commit to the chaos of his life?

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 *****4.5 Star Review*****

This book is just a warm, gooey, bit of yumminess! It’s one of those books that you’ll want to curl up with when you’re looking for something light, fun, and a bit spicy. There’s no high drama going on. The characters are mature adults with their lives put together. He’s a lawyer, and she owns her own very successful business.
They’ve each gone through rough patches in the past, but that’s behind them. Or as much as it can be. You never get over losses, they just become easier to manage. Considering what they’ve each been through, they’re thriving.
Carter & Val hit it off immediately. But, their encounters are short, so you get a bit of a slow build up. When they do start to come together more often, it’s funny, and it’s HOT! And I mean HOT! You can expect lots of the bedroom stuff in this book, but the plot isn’t driven by that. I appreciated that it wasn’t what brings them together or holds them together. It’s a natural progression.
So, I recommend this one for all you romance readers out there looking for something light and fun! It’s the perfect book for those of you coming off one of those reads that just rip you to shreds. You know what I’m talking about! Sometimes you just need something warm!!


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