Undertow ~ Review

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Title: Undertow
Author: Alessandra Torre
Release Date: Mar 1, 2019
Blurb:From an NYT Bestseller comes a love triangle with a twist that will leave you reeling…
In some ways, I was ordinary. I woke up in bed with Paul, our life filled with sandy toes and tan lines. I stocked books during the day and danced with him to Bob Marley at night.

In other ways, I was unordinary. I’d dust off the sand and step into Stewart’s limousine. Zip up my evening gown and slide into my other life. Champagne and maid service. Quickies in between board meetings.

My life was a tide, pulling me back and forth between the two men. Soothing. Peaceful.

Then the undertow came, pulling my lives together, my men colliding, my breath shortening, arms flailing against the current, my heart breaking in its strength.

I should have known it would never work out.

NOTE: This standalone novel contains ridiculously hot scenes and one hell of a love triangle. It was originally published under the title Sex Love Repeat and was a USA Today Bestseller with over 2,000 Goodreads 5-Star Reviews.

*****My 5 Star Review*****

If you would have told me at even 40 percent in that I would give this book a 5 star review, I would have told you that you were crazy! I had a VERY hard time not judging Madison despite her constant requests to not do so. That being said, if it wasn’t for those constant requests of hers, and my knowledge that Alessandra Torre has never let me down, I would have given up! I would have missed that crazy, amazing, twisty plot of bizarreness!!
Then the fact the I began to really care about these characters! Just how did Torre pull this off?? I’m flabergasted!
The first half of the book is laying the foundation. I struggled with it constantly. But then BAM! What?!? This book is so much more than just a love triangle!!! There is so much going on and things come together in a Sixth Sense style twist that will leave you tripping out! Then that extteme plot twist dumps you off into the climax that will leave you with tears in your eyes.
This book was just WOW!!! Can’t wait for what Torre promised was coming at the end!!!!

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