Sex Bucket List?!? Yes please!!!

Title: Southern Player

Series: Charleston Heat #2

Author: Jessica Peterson

Release Date: Feb 26, 2019

Blurb: I’m looking for a hot hookup with no strings attached. And I want my older brother’s best friend to step up to the plate… My dating history is lame. My experiences in bed? Even lamer. As the owner of a thriving business, I’m used to calling the shots. But one place I don’t always want to be in charge is in the bedroom. Enter Luke Rodgers. My brother’s best friend. Former major league baseball player. A guy who now hangs out on his farm, sweaty and shirtless, as he nurses a shoulder injury. If the rumors are true, he also likes to work up a sweat behind closed doors. A total MVP in the sack. Just the take charge guy I’m looking for. With Luke and I, it’s game on. And it’s all good until Luke decides he wants forever, and he wants it with me. I’m just not convinced I can trust Luke. Will he keep playing the field and break my heart? Or is he really ready to hang up his cleats for good? SOUTHERN PLAYER is a full length, STANDALONE romance.

~My Review~

I am a list maker. I love lists. My Bujo is full of them. Grocery list, books to read, favorite authors, book boyfriends – the list is endless. So you can imagine my excitement when I found Southern Player by Jessica Peterson. Not only do we have a sex bucket list, but we also have a romance book inside another romance book!!

Luke Rodgers, former baseball star current farmer and sex bucket list participant. He absolutely earned his spot on my boyfriends list! He was down to help Gracie mark off anything she wanted to add to that list.

Gracie was great. She was independent, strong, and had no problem asking for exactly what she wanted. And that led to a great scene with her brother Eli. I don’t know if my brother would have handled that as well if I had asked him for his blessing with Gracie’s request.

Guys you have to read this book! Jessica Peterson knocked this one out of the park!! A sex bucket list, baseball butt, romance novel inside a romance novel, great story, fun characters this is a hard 4.5 stars!!


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