Elijah is definitely a liability!

Title: Falling in Between

Author: Stevie J. Cole

Release Date: July 25, 2018

Blurb: ***NOW AN AMAZON TOP 100 BESTSELLER*** What do you do when you wake up in a hotel room beside a tattooed man with a face that makes Tom Hardy look like the bottom of a shoe? You fight through your tequila-induced haze, trip over his designer suit crumpled on the floor, and run. After all, you’re 1,500 miles from home. It’s not like you’ll ever see him again. Unless you’re me. Six months later, I somehow find myself in the middle of a bet with Mr Tall, Dark, and Tattooed that includes me owing him four dates. A handful of dates with an arrogantly charming man whom I know little about, what could possibly go wrong? I’ll tell you what’s going wrong, my falling asleep in his arms on date three and realizing I’m in love with a man who doesn’t even know my real name.



My daughter’s bed broke so the other day while I had an afternoon alone, I thought I’d help my husband and son out and take the bed down to make it easier for them to bring in and put up her new bed, because I am just that kind of thoughtful person. Two days later I am in a ridiculous amount of pain. I obviously lifted with my back and not my legs, I keep forgetting I am not twenty anymore!! Anyway so there I sat on my couch with my old lady heating pad while my husband and son put up the bed and my girls were doing a few of my other chores. It’s at this point I stop cursing my stupid back and start thanking it!!

My God is a good God ladies! He just handed me a few days with nothing to do but read!! I didn’t even have to stop to refill my water bottle!!! It was bliss!! So I knew I had to make the time count. I needed a good book. So I prayed to the Amazon gods for a 5 star book and baby did they deliver!!

Falling in Between by Stevie J Cole was so so good! It had a sweet romance. Stevie delivered a fantastic cast in this book and just the right amount of laughs. I found my first 5 star book of 2019!!

Elijah, this man is currently at the top of my book boyfriends list, and for good reason. I pictured Elijah to look a lot like Jason Mamoa, enter our first sigh… this man is beautiful, he was very touchy, and that totally got me. My husband can tell you I love touch it can be done in public but at the same time be so intimate. Of course he’s rich – that’s part of the fantasy – but wait till you discover his hobby! Nope, not gonna spoil that fun surprise.

And then we have Charlie/Demi. She is fantastic! I am fairly certain if she were real she would make the threesome Ali and I have with our other girlfriend A to a foursome. Charlie is on a celebratory vacation with her friends when she has her first one night stand which ends up with her running around a hotel naked.

Charlie’s friends were fantastic!! I am currently crushing on Steph. And her neighbor Dot – I think I may be Dot when I am 75.

You guys this was a great book. I loved reading it. I hated that it ended. I am telling you you have to check this book out. You will not be disappointed at all. My back is feeling better and I got a great book so all in all I had a great weekend.



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