Ali’s May TBR

I spent a while last night weeding through my TBR on Goodreads. I narrowed it down to all the books that I am actually planning on reading soon. I’m determined to only add to it when I come across a book that I’m actually going to read. Now let’s see if I can stick to that. EEK! Definitely easier said than done! So here are the books I’m planning on reading this month ~

That’s my list to work with this month. There are a couple more ARCs I’m anticipating, but I’m not going to add them in case things change with them. I’ve already read the first two Never Never books, but I wanted to reread them before finishing that series. I’ve also read the first 5 or 6 books in the Throne of Glass series, but I wanted to reread the series before finishing those. So, with those two series, I’ll possibly read more than just the first books of those series. I’ve tried to read Caraval before, but I didn’t get into it at the time. But, sometimes it just depends on what I’m in the mood for. I want to try the series again. I’m on book 10 of the BDB books. I think there are 17 now. Those are really long, though, so I have been trying to read one a month at least. And I’ve already started A Season to Dance. I’ve been slowly trudging through it. I won it and Made in London.Now to see if I can stick with the plan. I know there are a few more books that have been calling my name hard lately, but I’m going to try this whole staying on top of my TBR thing!What do your TBR piles look like? I had over 200 in mine before I weeded it out last night!Laters,

14 thoughts on “Ali’s May TBR

    • I’ve already added a book since typing this earlier today. Soooo, but I started a list and am putting it on my TBR for June. It’s so hard to keep it narrowed down!


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