Top Ten Tuesday ~ My Most Prized Possessions

Ali here ~

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

Happy Tuesday everyone!! I hope your week has gotten off to a good start! Today’s Top Ten topic is Books That I Refuse to Let Anyone Touch (too special/valuable, perhaps?)

Ok, so I’m not really a don’t touch kind of girl, so I’m going to be sharing my top 10 most prized possessions with you today. My top 5 are some very early edition Hardy books. These were passed to me from my grandmother. It was a bit bizarre, too, because she knew I had a great love for books but never told me she had them. I didn’t know until they were willed to me.



Far From the Madding Crowd is one of my favorite Hardy books. This was published in 1895.

Desperate Remedies was published 1896.

This Return of the Native was published in 1895.

Tess of The D’Urbervilles is another one of my favorite Hardy books. This was published in 1893.


My copy of A Laodicean was published in 1896.

I also have one 1930 copy of Moby Dick that I try to take good care of.

Now my other 4 most prized possessions are some of my favorite autographed books. I have a set of CoHo’s Slammed Series. Sorry these pics are so small!!

Last but not least…So there you have it! I have a lot more than 10 books that are very special to me, but these all certainly rank at the top! Can’t wait to hear what goodies you have!!!


34 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday ~ My Most Prized Possessions

  1. That’s so wonderful that your grandmother left you those Hardy books. Something like that from a loved one would be a prized possession for me as well because of the sentimental value.

  2. I love that your grandmother willed you her books. It almost makes it more special that she didn’t tell you about them ahead of time, but she knew you would want them and had them earmarked for you as a special surprise. I’m sure she imagined the joy they would bring you.

  3. Wonderful to see those Hardy editions, you are fortunate. Do you recommend reading Far From the Madding Crowd? I’ve seen the film, so sorta know how it all goes down…

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